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Is social security card used to get pension? How to get pension with social security card

Many netizens have friends who work in Guangdong: the adjustment plan for Guangdong pension was introduced in 2018. In fact, one of the things that we are very concerned about is that we use social security card to get pension? How to get pension with social security card? Xiaobian brings you to understand.

First of all, the public needs to take the original social security card and valid ID card to the financial service bank marked on the card and go through the activation procedures at any service outlet in Guangzhou.

2. Whether the financial account of the social security card has been activated and the transaction password has been set will result in the inability to withdraw money. You need to provide your cell phone number when you handle it.

If you activate the social security card's financial service account, the social security card can easily receive a pension.

At present, Guangzhou social security card financial activation service bank includes: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, construction bank, Bank of communications, Everbright Bank, Guangfa bank, Bank of Guangzhou, China Merchants Bank, Guangzhou agricultural commercial bank. But I remember that I can only go to the counter of the bank shown on your social security card. Because of the different units in Guangzhou, the bank designated by the unit is also different. How to deal with the problems that the company in service has not yet dealt with? You should ask the relevant responsible personnel of the company in service in time to understand clearly.

Now the country has implemented the settlement of social insurance in other areas, which is greatly convenient. In the past, we always thought that the social security fund we bought every month was useless and could not be withdrawn. Unlike the housing provident fund, which can be withdrawn after leaving office, there are similar ideas among the employees in other places.