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How much is the vivo nex configuration announced

As a large domestic factory, vivo has gone further and further in the exploration of black technology in recent years. From the apex, the first nex with lift lens, vivo's technological hard power has become a huge capital. Vivo nex dual screen version was launched yesterday. Do you want to consider changing your mobile phone?

Today is a special day, not only the day before the new year's Day holiday, but also the day when the vivo nex dual screen version officially went on sale in major shopping malls. The top configuration is 10GB + 128GB, and the price is 4998 yuan.

By the end of the year, the mobile phone market has ushered in a wave of 'small climax'. Manufacturers gathered at the end of the year to enlarge their recruitment, and vivo also promptly presented the nex double screen version. According to the information of sinor data, vivo ranked first in the sales volume in November, with a year-on-year growth of 6% and a market share of 17.2. However, such good results have not included the yet released nex dual screen version. This mobile phone has aroused great repercussions since it was released. From the point of design and function, the hot sale is appropriate.

Vivo nex dual screen

In terms of appearance, the highlight of the vivo nex dual screen version is on the front and back screens. The front of the fuselage is a 6.39-inch OLED display with a 0.6mm left and right super narrow frame. The bottom of the fuselage adopts advanced COF packaging technology, and the chin is very narrow. With the support of these technologies, the front screen share of vivo nex double screen version is very amazing. Of course, vivo's proud screen fingerprint technology has been upgraded again. The fifth generation photoelectricity screen fingerprint technology is included. It has a large f / 1.2 aperture, and the unlocking speed is increased by 15% - 20% again when the screen is on.

Vivo nex dual screen

In addition to the amazing screen share on the front, in fact, the black technology of vivo nex double screen version is more displayed on the back. A 5.49-inch 1920 * 1080 resolution screen is used at the back of the fuselage. The lens module above and multiple LED point light sources form a complete circle, which looks like a smiling face. Under this special design, the advanced TOF technology is integrated. It can not only realize 3D face recognition, but also carry out face modeling to achieve more excellent beauty and expansion functions.

Vivo nex dual screen

As a flagship model, the snapdragon 845 chip is a must, with up to 10GB + 128GB of storage, combined with the dual turbo engine (vivo dual turbo), the powerful performance brings a smoother game experience. For users, this' anyway 'flagship mobile phone is wonderful, which well balances the' seesaw 'between appearance and function, and truly makes black technology more practical.

Prior to the launch of vivo nex Dual Screen Edition, the number of appointments exceeded 120000, and the potential sales momentum was very strong. As the last flagship of vivo in 2018, the double screen version of nex has become a big bomb at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. From the point of view of time nodes, the double screen version of nex will be released on the eve of double day holiday, which is bound to increase the overall sales volume of vivo in 2018 again, and it is believed that the data will be more beautiful than that in November. In the last few days of 2018, we are looking forward to a perfect end to this year with the performance of nex dual screen.