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What's the meaning of official announcement? Where is the origin of "official publicity" in 2018

What does Guan Xuan mean? What is official propaganda? The word "guanxuan" is a popular word on the Internet recently. What does it mean about guanxuan? Where is the origin of "official propaganda" in 2018? Come and have a look.

What does Guan Xuan mean?

As an online language, the complete expression is "official announcement", popular in Zhao Liying's microblog showing her marriage certificate with Feng Shaofeng, and the accompanying text: official announcement, with a loving expression. Meanwhile, William Feng as like as two peas, micro-blog, and the official Xuan body were created. Later, the topic of "official publicity" quickly became a new way of advertising on the Internet. Netizens were imitating "official publicity" to show their love, and many netizens had a lot of mischief.

Where is the origin of Guan Xuan?

The word comes from the morning of October 16, 2018, when Zhao Liying posted her marriage certificate with Feng Shaofeng on her microblog, and added the expression of love to Guan Xuan. Meanwhile, William Feng also as like as two peas, micro-blog. Actively announced the wedding news to the public, happy to mention the hot microblog search 'boom'! "Official propaganda" became popular.

Development experience of "official publicity"

After its popularity, netizens are imitating the official propaganda to tease and play tricks. Let's have a look

For example, from traffic police also need leather, please drive with two cards.

And Guan Xuan from a single dog.