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What do you eat on New Year's day? What traditional food do we eat on New Year's Day

New year's Day 2019 is another two days. We know that new year's Day is January 1 every year. On this day, most people will have a rest, and then have a good meal with their families. If the family pays attention to traditional food and specially makes traditional New Year's day food, do you know what traditional food will be eaten on New Year's day? Please see below.

Time of rice cakes: Northern and Southern Dynasties

Comprehensive introduction: New Year cake, also known as sticky cake, has the meaning of annual high. New Year cake has a long history, but it was popular in Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially in the south. Mainly in Suzhou, Jiading and other places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Historical records: at the end of the Ming Dynasty, "a brief introduction to the scenery of the imperial capital", on the new year's day of the first month, "Su Xing, Washi Ji, eating jujube cake, Japanese New Year's cake".

Dumplings: Ming and Qing Dynasties

Comprehensive introduction: dumplings are transformed from wonton. Every new year's day, people in the north will eat dumplings. But the custom of eating dumplings on New Year's Day flourished in the north of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Historical records: according to the chronicles of Wanshu, Wanping County, a suburb of Beijing, celebrates the new year's day with "flat food and longevity".

Appearance time of eggs: Wu Jin period

General introduction: the custom of eating an egg on New Year's day has already existed in the period of Wu and Jin. It is said that the purpose of eating eggs at that time was to live forever, but when Emperor Liang Wu was in power, there was no such thing. The main reason is that emperor Liang Wu believed in Buddhism.

Historical records: on the first day of the year, when a chicken is eaten raw, it's called shape training.

Jiaobai wine: Eastern Han Dynasty

Comprehensive introduction: pepper and cypress wine is made of prickly ash and cypress leaves. According to ancient books, drinking pepper and cypress wine can cure diseases and live a long life. The traditional custom of drinking Jiaobai wine on New Year's Day is mainly in Licheng of Shandong Province and Jiaxing of Zhejiang Province.

Historical records: New Year's long life cup. The cypress leaves come with the inscription, and the pepper flowers come with the ode.

Tang cake appeared in the later Wei Dynasty

General introduction: TangBing in ancient times refers to the food cooked with water for wheat flour products, which is similar to the noodles we eat now.

Historical records: on New Year's day, people in the capital eat more suobing, so-called annual pitot, or so on.