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The timetable for the suspension of express delivery during the 2019 Spring Festival is rumoured

Every year to the end of the year, for many people who like to shop online, do they especially like to buy all kinds of new year's goods online? However, Xiaobian suddenly saw a message that "from January 5, the national logistics will be stopped", Hainan, on January 18, the express delivery stopped?!

But is it really the case?

This morning, Xiaobian asked several logistics companies and express companies, which were denied by the other side. In addition, the Chinese Internet joint rumor refutation platform also refuted the news.

Recently, a news of "national logistics outage" was spread in the circle of friends. It was announced in the name of "national logistics department" of the Ministry of transport, which said that "some regional logistics will start to be suspended in succession on January 5, and will be suspended nationwide on January 18", and the specific time of logistics outage in each province was also announced. According to the verification of the platform, the news is pure fiction. The so-called "national logistics department" and "National Transportation Department" have no such department at all. In the organizational structure of the State Council, there is only the Ministry of transport, which has never issued the notice.

China Internet joint rumor refutation platform reminds: the holiday or transportation line outage of logistics companies is not regulated by the government departments, but decided by the company according to the situation. Logistics companies will inform customers through official website, WeChat official account or notification letter. The public can also ask the courier the specific outage time, do not believe the rumors.

Today, hot little asked some logistics companies, the other side said that the company has not announced the outage plan, the company's employees said that the company's full year operation.