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How to apply for business license online? List of business license online process

In the information age, many things do not need to be handled in person in the past. The whole process of online business license / business registration is divided into: applicant registration, application, business registration authority acceptance, review, decision and filing. How to apply for business license online? Small edition with you to understand the business license online process list.

Enter the website of business subject registration office:

Step 1 registration of applicant

When the applicant first handles the whole process online business registration business, he / she shall register the user in the portal website of the business registration authority through the Internet, fill in the true and accurate basic identity information of the applicant, and then use the digital certificate for identity confirmation. The whole process online registration system will automatically connect with the digital certificate issuing authority to verify the authenticity of the personal identity, and complete the use Identification of the account.

Step 2 online application

After the applicant completes the user registration and log in, select the type of business to be handled, fill in the corresponding application form, articles of association, shareholders' resolution, appointment and removal documents and other electronic materials, and then the applicant and the relevant signatory use the digital certificate to electronically sign the electronic application materials. The applicant and the relevant signatory can complete the above operations remotely or remotely.

Step 3 acceptance, review and decision

After the commercial registration authority has signed in the application submitted by the applicant, if the materials are complete, it shall accept it and make a decision on whether to approve the registration within the prescribed time limit.

Step 4 obtain electronic business license or electronic registration notice

After the completion of the approval and registration, the commercial registration authority will notify the applicant online or by SMS. The applicant can download the copy of the electronic business license or the electronic registration notice in the whole process online registration system, and the applicant can also apply for the paper business license or the paper registration notice from the commercial registration authority free of charge.

Step 5 store electronic files

After completing all the work, the commercial registration authority will keep the electronic files of commercial registration in accordance with the provisions of the file management system, and the electronic files have the same legal effect as the paper files.