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What to do after a cold and a cough

There are some symptoms of coughing that can occur if you accidentally catch a cold. At this time, the patient will feel the throat is very uncomfortable, and even feel the chest pain. We all know that although cough is not a serious disease, if it is not treated properly in time, it may delay the development of pneumonia. So, when we accidentally get cough, how to use the right method to treat it? At this time, do not take medicine at random, the following small edition will teach you what to pay attention to when treating cough.

Cough can be divided into dry cough and wet cough, but either way, when we have cough symptoms, we need to drink a lot of water. Drinking water can not only help us eliminate toxins in the body, but also promote the metabolism of the body. It can also moisturize the respiratory tract, which is helpful for relieving cough pain. When we need to pay attention, the water temperature should be appropriate. Do not drink too hot boiled water or cold water, which will stimulate our respiratory tract. Warm boiled water is the best choice.

In terms of diet, cough patients should pay attention to eating light food, avoid spicy, cold and other irritant food, and also can't eat onion, ginger and garlic, otherwise it will aggravate your cough symptoms. In addition, high protein fish and shrimp seafood should not be eaten, because they will aggravate expectoration. Can eat some Runfei, Qingre fruit, such as pears, which has a good effect on Runfei cough.

In the medication, we must be careful to choose cough medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs. Some cough syrup contains cocaine, which is hard to stop once taken. In addition, although licorice tablet can also relieve cough, it contains addictive ingredients. Therefore, when choosing cough medicine, you must follow the doctor's advice. At the same time, do not blindly take anti-inflammatory drugs at the beginning of the cough, because most coughs are caused by viruses, what we need is actually antiviral drugs.