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What food does Xiaohan eat in traditional solar terms? What is the stress of Xiaohan diet

Xiaohan is the coldest day of the year. It's even colder than the big cold. So it's necessary to keep fit when Xiaohan is cold. And our tonic is generally through eating, food is the best way to tonic. So what kind of food should Xiaohan eat in the traditional solar term?

Eat glutinous rice

In Guangdong Province, there is a custom of eating glutinous rice in the morning, no matter whether it is a small cold or a big cold solar term. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, I think that glutinous rice has the effect of Tonifying the middle and Qi, and it is the most suitable to eat glutinous rice in the cold season. Of course, the coldest day of the year is to eat glutinous rice.

Drink chicken soup

On this day of Xiaohan, I think chicken soup is the most popular dish on the table. Before, only Nanjing people liked to drink chicken soup in Xiaohan solar term. Now, the custom of drinking chicken soup has become popular in most areas. It is said that chicken bone and chicken are easy to be absorbed by the human body in the slow cooking process. It is a good tonic for nourishing qi and blood in winter.

Eat rice

There are still a lot of traditional food for Xiaohan solar term, especially the ancients attached great importance to Xiaohan. Although it has been gradually light now, on Xiaohan's day, old Nanjing usually cooks vegetable rice. The contents of the vegetable rice are not the same. There are short legged green vegetables, bacon slices, sausages slices or diced duck, chopped with some ginger and glutinous rice to cook together, which is very delicious.

Eat mutton

Winter is the most overcast time, so many women tend to have cold hands and feet in winter, and Xiaohan is the coldest time of the year. They don't eat any food to keep warm. This winter is likely to be attacked by the wind and cold. What do they eat to keep warm? I think there is nothing more useful than the hot mutton soup. A bowl of mutton soup will let you have a warm winter.

Yellow sprouts

The eating customs of Xiaohan in every place are different. For example, Xiaohan in Tianjin has the custom of eating sprouts. It is said that after the winter solstice, the cabbage leaves and stems are cut, leaving only the heart of the cabbage, which is about two inches away from the ground, covered with manure, not ventilated, and eaten half a month later. It is crispy and tender, making up for the lack of vegetables in winter. But modern people's living standards have improved, and they don't have to worry about not eating vegetables, but when it's cold, eating sprouts is still popular.