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China launches pet ticket? What's the difference between pet ticket and pet consignment

In order to meet the pet consignment needs of pet lovers, Sanya Phoenix International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Sanya airport") and Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sichuan Airlines") jointly launched the "pet ticket" service, so that pet and its owner can have a "say go" trip.

What is "pet ticket"? It is reported that "pet ticket" service is a special designed live air transport product of Sichuan Airlines, which is the first to put into operation in some routes in Sanya and other regions. Compared with the conventional live animal transportation service, the "pet ticket" service has been improved and optimized in all aspects such as pet waiting, customer knowledge, etc. with the help of independent rest area, real-time on the way monitoring, humanized care, arrival safety confirmation and other services, it adds a safe and comfortable pet, and makes the owner more relaxed and comfortable.

How about the price of "pet ticket"

according to different dog breeds and pet weight, the price of pet ticket is different. Take bixiong as an example. The price of air tickets for dogs weighing 5kg is 652 yuan, and for bixiong weighing 10kg is 784 yuan. In addition, Sichuan Airlines said that customers who buy "pet tickets" will receive a basic pet transportation insurance free of charge. At the same time, customers can also choose to buy insurance at their own expense, up to 20000 yuan.

If you want to buy a pet ticket, you need to pay attention to that the pet consignment needs to provide the animal quarantine certificate issued by the animal health supervision, and the pet should keep in good mental and physical condition.

Sanya airport's relevant director said that domestic airline companies provide "pet ticket" service is still a new thing at present, but it is relatively common in foreign countries, and pets that meet the conditions of carriage can also travel with their owners in the cabin. As of December 20, 2018, the number of live animals transported by Sichuan Airlines by Sanya airport has reached 22, and the response of passengers is good. The "pet ticket" service not only meets the emerging market demand, but also reflects the continuous improvement of Sanya airport service level. Subsequently, Sanya airport will, based on the needs of passengers, cooperate with airlines to further promote the "pet ticket" service, and provide more high-quality, professional and personalized fine services for passengers.