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How long is the best time to soak feet in winter? You need to know the taboos

how long is the best time to soak feet in winter? In winter, many people are afraid of the cold and often have cold hands and feet, especially at night. So many people will soak their feet to relieve the discomfort. What's the benefit of soaking their feet in winter? The effect and function of soaking their feet in winter. Although it is said that foot soaking can alleviate the fatigue of a day, it is not that the longer the foot soaking time is, the better, but there are many taboos.

1. The benefits of feet soaking in winter

Soak your feet in hot water in winter to keep out the cold. This is because people's feet exist in the corresponding reflex areas of various organs in the body. When feet are soaked with warm water, these reflex areas are stimulated, so as to promote blood circulation, help regulate the endocrine system, enhance the functions of various organs, play a role in resisting cold and preventing and treating diseases. At the same time, the stimulation of hot water will accelerate the microcirculation of feet. If the feet are soaked with water added with traditional Chinese medicine, the pharmaceutical ingredients in the water will be quickly absorbed, directly into the blood circulation, and the health care effect is more obvious.

2. The physiotherapy effect of feet soaking in winter

Prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: in winter, proper foot soaking can strengthen blood circulation, dredge collaterals and activate blood circulation, dispel cold and eliminate inflammation, which has a better therapeutic effect on rheumatoid arthritis.

Prevention and treatment of cold: soak feet in hot water in winter. The acupoints on the soles of feet are stimulated and activated by hot water. They can transport nutrients and fresh oxygen to the brain and all parts of the body, which is helpful to dispel cold and warm the body and prevent and treat cold.

Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure: in winter, soaking feet in hot water can effectively promote blood circulation of feet, help regulate the nervous and endocrine system, unblock people's Qi and blood, and naturally stabilize blood pressure.

Blood sugar control: hot water feet can regulate the endocrine system, and help promote the recovery of islet cells, so as to achieve the purpose of blood sugar control.

Relieve numbness of legs and feet: when legs and feet are numb and lack of strength, hot water with Chinese herbal medicine can be used to soak feet, which can activate nerve endings of legs, make the nervous system run up and down, so as to relieve numbness of legs and feet.

3. The right way to soak your feet in winter

In winter, it's better to choose a deeper bucket for feet, because it's easier to keep warm and hold more water, so as to really play the role of feet 'soaking'. When feet are soaked, you can prepare some standby hot water, and you can add water at any time when the water temperature is a little cold; When you soak your feet, if you feel a little sweat on your back and forehead, it will prove that the meridians have been connected up and down, so you can stop soaking your feet.

4. What is the optimal water temperature

The water temperature of foot soaking water should not be overheated or excessive. Generally, the water temperature between 38 & deg; C and 43 & deg; C is suitable. If the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels on the feet are easy to expand, and a large amount of blood in the body will flow to the lower limbs, which is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, kidney and other important parts, which is harmful to the body. When you soak your feet, pour about 38 & deg; C water into the bucket, feel the water temperature with your feet, and then add water slowly until it reaches 42 & deg; C, then keep the water temperature. Pay attention that the water for soaking your feet should not exceed your feet.

5. How long does it take to soak your feet

In winter, it's better to soak your feet for 15 to 30 minutes. Some people are used to soaking until the water is completely cold, or adding hot water for one or two hours. This is not good, especially for the elderly and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The time of soaking your feet should be shorter. When you soak your feet, the blood flows to the lower limbs, which is easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in chest tightness and dizziness When elephant, should stop bubble foot immediately, rest.

6. When is the best time to bubble feet

(1) The best way to keep healthy is to soak feet at 9:00 p.m

At nine o'clock in the evening, the kidney channel and Qi and blood are relatively weak. At this time, the feet are soaked, the body's heat is increased, the blood vessels in the body will expand, the blood circulation will become smooth, and it will help to relax the nerves and kidneys, so that the body can be completely relaxed and fully regulated, and people will feel much more comfortable. After foot massage, it can nourish the kidney and clear the liver, improve blood circulation, and improve sleep quality.

(2) Office workers are in good spirits in the morning

After a night's sleep, people's blood circulation is not smooth, and it's easy to get up in the morning without spirit. At this time, using hot water with a temperature of 40 & deg; C to bubble their feet will help promote blood circulation and regulate the autonomic nervous and endocrine system; The nerve endings on the soles of the feet are connected with the brain. When washing the feet, massage the soles of the feet with both hands. The space between the toes is helpful to relax the brain and make people energetic. The time to soak feet should not be too long, about five minutes.