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After eating hot pot body has peculiar smell how to do? Easy to remove peculiar smell

When you go to the hotpot shop to eat the hotpot, the careful waiter will cover your coat with something to avoid the taste of the hotpot on your clothes at that time, but the clothes will still have a strong smell of the hotpot, so how to remove the smell of the hotpot?

After eating hot pot how to remove body odor?

Hot pot has not the least trace was found. According to those who have bought it, although the effect is obvious, the price is a little expensive.

Many foodies say that it doesn't need such a high cost to remove the taste of hot pot. You can hang your clothes in the outdoor ventilation place overnight to remove the taste. For people with long hair, it's better to tie up their hair or put it in their hat.

In fact, there is a lemon deodorization method, that is, drop fresh lemon into water, spray it on clothes and hair, and take the quick evaporation of lemon water to remove the strong hot pot flavor. Here, we should pay attention to lemon juice not dropping too much, 1-2 drops.

Fresh keeping bag to remove peculiar smell

First of all, we need to prepare a fresh-keeping bag, and then cut about 5cm in the corner of the bottom of the bag, and then put the clothes with hot pot taste into the notched safety bag.

Finally, take out the hair dryer, put the air outlet into the fresh-keeping bag, pinch the mouth of the fresh-keeping bag, adjust the hair dryer to the warm air, and blow for 5 minutes. Then take out the clothes and you will find that the smell is gone. It's worth noting that this method is suitable for thin clothes such as short sleeves, shirts and knitwear.