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How to pay back the most cost-effective credit card? Notes on credit card repayment

When using the credit card, we need to repay in time, so how to repay is the most cost-effective? How do you repay the credit card at ordinary times? The following small edition summarizes several ways for you to choose the way that suits you in life, which way do you like best?

How to make the best payment with credit card

Credit card repayment methods include minimum repayment, credit card installment repayment and full repayment. Here, I think the full repayment of credit card is the most cost-effective way.

Full repayment is the only way of credit card repayment without any cost, and it is also the preferred repayment method for many friends. Meanwhile, it can maintain good consumption habits in daily life.

Full repayment of this kind of friends, you can seriously say that they are very smart, very good at life.

We need to pay a certain price for other repayment methods:

Minimum repayment

At the final repayment date, the cardholder is short of money and has no ability to repay in full, so he can choose the minimum repayment. The minimum repayment amount is generally 10% of the credit card bill amount. Once the minimum repayment amount is selected, the cardholder will no longer enjoy the interest free treatment.

At present, most of the banks adopt the way of full interest calculation. From the date when consumption is recorded, they charge 5 / 10000 interest every day and calculate it by monthly compound interest.

Select repayment by installments

In this way of repayment, the cardholder can make repayment according to his own repayment ability. The bank provides different installments, and the cardholder can decide the installments and periods at his own discretion. There is no interest in installment repayment, but there will be a handling fee. Each bank has different charging standards, but the larger the installment amount and the longer the number of periods, the higher the fee naturally.

What should credit card repayment pay attention to?

The most taboo for overdue repayment

Overdue credit card will cause credit stain on your credit report, which will affect our future application for withdrawal and other loans. If you don't make a repayment response for a long time, the bank will take various ways to collect the arrears from you, and the serious cases will be prosecuted by the bank.

Some people take the plunge to change their mobile phone numbers and work units, thinking that everything can be done in this way. In fact, it's just a fire. After all, your personal information is registered in the bank, and the bank will find you one day.

Prepayment after installments

As we all know, the installment of credit card requires you to bear the handling fee. The annual interest rate is about 10%. Sometimes you can collect it in full at one time or pay it in installments.

If you pay in advance and deposit the money directly into the credit card, the bank will only charge according to its own deduction sequence, and will not default the money as installment handling fee, so the cardholder needs to pay special attention to this point.