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What's the interest rate for commercial loans to buy houses in 2019? Latest news of commercial loan

A lot of people think about getting loans when they buy a house. And purchase loans are usually divided into provident fund loans and commercial loans. For those who do not have provident fund, they generally want to buy houses through commercial loans. What is the interest rate of commercial loans?

What is the interest rate of the buyer in 2019?

1. At present, the benchmark interest rate of commercial loans with a loan term of more than five years is 4.90%. Due to the influence of the policy of limited purchase and loan restriction, banks around the country have different efforts to adjust the interest rate of the first set of loans. The latest data shows that the average interest rate of the first set of loans in China is 5.38%, and the interest rate generally rises by 5% - 20%. The interest rate of second housing loan generally rises by 10% - 30%.

2、 During the same period, the benchmark interest rate of provident fund loan was 3.25%, and the interest rate of two sets of housing loan generally rose by 10%.

3. The second set of housing is defined as the number of house loans determined by the borrower's family (including the borrower, spouse and minor children). The second set of housing will be considered as the second set of housing loans applied for again by the family that has already used the provident fund loan or commercial loan to purchase the house.

what's the latest news of 2019 mortgage rate?

1. Some insiders said that the real estate market will enter the era of "frozen house" in 2018. Take Shenzhen, a first tier city, as an example. Shenzhen is the leader of the last wave of real estate market rise, leading the country for about a year. As early as a few months ago, there was speculation in the industry about whether Shenzhen, Beijing and other first tier cities would launch the sales restriction policy. In 2018, Shenzhen sold the first ordinary house Land use, plus a five-year limit on sales.

2. In this year's tight state regulation environment, the first to suffer is the real estate investors. We all know that the main purpose of sales restriction is to curb speculation. Once the opportunity of rising house prices comes, they will resolutely cash out. For speculators, the longer the holding time is, the higher the risk and cost will be. As soon as the sales restriction policy is introduced, the investment risk and cost of speculators will be greatly increased.

3. In 2018, the credit policy for housing loans will be stricter, especially under the condition of deleveraging and de channeling, the funds for non-standard assets to enter the housing market will also be limited, and the cleaning up of consumer credit funds to enter the housing market will also be strengthened. In many cities, the housing loan was tightened and the first apartment was set up