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What conditions should housing fund loan satisfy? Do you agree?

Now more and more people will buy houses through provident fund loans, but it is necessary to meet some conditions to buy houses with provident fund. So what conditions do housing fund loans need to meet? For people who want to buy houses urgently, you can have a look.

1、 Conditions of individual housing fund loan

1. The borrower has an urban account;

2. I and my unit pay the housing accumulation fund in full in this city on time for more than one year (calculated from the back to the front);

3. Stable professional income, good credit, ability to repay loan principal and interest;

4. There is a legal contract or agreement to purchase self owned housing, and a proportion of self financing is required;

5. The assets specified in the guarantee law are mortgage or pledge of loans;

6. Agree to handle the property insurance of real estate guarantee or mortgaged property;

7. Agree to other conditions stipulated in the management of housing fund.

2、 Personal housing fund loan income certificate

Provident fund loan wage certificate needs to be issued by the work unit, which is generally in the charge of the personnel department. It should be noted that some friends are already in a rational state when applying for a loan, or have just gone to a new company. In this case, the bank will not generally agree with your loan request. So want to deal with provident fund loan friends, in the loan before good do not easily change jobs.

For those who are unable to issue wage certificates like self-employed households, they can explain the situation to the bank, and a bank's daily flow can be used as supporting proof of repayment ability.