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What happened when the induction cooker didn't heat up? The reason why the electromagnetic furnace l

How can we use less induction cooker to cook hot pot in winter? But it's often when we get everything ready, we find that the induction cooker doesn't heat, which is really a disappointment. What's the matter with the induction cooker not heating? Let's look at the reasons to make the induction cooker return to normal.

1. Do not pad plastic paper or newspaper

Do not put plastic paper or newspaper under the induction cooker. In this way, when the induction cooker is working, he will inhale the plastic paper or newspaper and stick it to the air inlet. It is because the heat inside the induction cooker cannot be dissipated. In this case, the power tube is easy to be short circuited, the 5uF capacitor is easy to be lifted, and the fuse tube is easy to be burnt out without power.

2. Does the cooker used on the induction cooker meet the requirements

Check whether the cooker used on the electromagnetic furnace meets the requirements, flat bottom, iron (not magnetic stainless steel), and the size of the cooker bottom meet the requirements. If the cooker does not meet the requirements, the circuit of the cooker inspection will feed back to the CPU for startup protection.

3. Check the power supply

Check whether the mains supply is within the normal range. If the mains supply is too low or too high, the induction cooker will start protection.

4. Check microswitch

When the induction cooker is in use, if the indicator light is on and the induction cooker alarm is not heating or intermittent heating, for the induction cooker that has been used for a long time, such a situation will occur generally because its microswitch has failed. When the micro switch of the induction cooker is damaged, it will cause the CPU of the induction cooker to judge wrongly when it is working, which will eventually cause the indicator light to be on and the induction cooker alarm will not be heated. It is mainly to replace its microswitch when repairing the induction cooker.