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How to deal with the provident fund after resignation? What about social security after leaving

At the end of another year, the end of the year is the peak of job hopping. How to deal with the social security and provident fund after leaving? This is a big problem! I believe many people have this problem, so how to deal with the provident fund after leaving at the end of the year? Let's get to know.

How to deal with social security after resignation?

1. Failing to find a job or not wanting to work for a short time after resignation

Solution: in this case, you can choose flexible employment; pay social security in the talent market, but only apply for endowment insurance and medical insurance; or find a social security agency to pay relevant social security fees.

2. I found my next company before I left

Solution: the new company's personnel management department can go through the procedures of social security transfer. The relevant person in charge of the company will let you know what materials need to be prepared.

How to deal with the interruption of social security / provident fund payment?

1. Endowment insurance

The number of years of endowment insurance and medical insurance can be accumulated, and the accumulated number of years after interruption can be obtained, but the treatment will be affected.

If the retirement age is reached, or the minimum payment period is not enough, continue to pay, and pay up to the period required by the state.

The endowment insurance is 15 years, the medical insurance payment period is 25-30 years for men and 20-25 years for women (different regions, different regulations).

2. Medical insurance

It is worth noting that the medical insurance is broken, and the medical insurance treatment will be stopped from next month. It can be reimbursed if it is paid again.

In case of interruption of payment, the medical insurance card will have a recovery period of 2 to 3 months. In these 2 to 3 months, the medical insurance card can only be reimbursed manually, but not automatically.

3. Unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance

As for unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance, although these three kinds of insurance must be paid, the continuous impact is not too great, especially the unemployment insurance, which has very many restrictions on receiving, and the maximum period of receiving is 2 years, which can be ignored basically.

From the second month after the suspension of maternity insurance, the relevant benefits can no longer be enjoyed, and the maternity insurance can not be paid in the name of individuals, and the renewal of the insurance after the interruption needs to recalculate the insured time.

4. Housing fund

Compared with social security, the impact of provident fund cut-off is less, because if you don't rush to buy a house in the next year, the impact of suspension is not too great; but it's better not to stop for too long, because the proportion of provident fund itself and the company's payment is more, 10% - 12%, and the more you pay.

How to deal with social security / provident fund after resignation?

1. Endowment insurance

(1) Stop paying fees, form the interruption of payment period, and stop the accumulation of personal accounts, but as long as the time is not long, it has little impact on the future;

(2) The payment shall be made by the individual in full, that is, the payment shall be made by the enterprise together with the part paid by the enterprise in the past without interruption;

(3) If you want to find a job in another place, you can go through insurance transfer procedures and go to a new employment area.

2. Medical insurance

There are also personal accounts for medical insurance. After resignation, the treatment method is basically the same as endowment insurance. The money in the personal account can continue to be used locally.

3. Work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance

There are no personal accounts for work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance. After resignation, the insurance will be automatically cancelled. However, unemployment insurance can be obtained as long as the payment reaches one year, not due to personal reasons.

4. Housing fund

Housing provident fund, with personal accounts, fees paid by enterprises and individuals, forms the total amount of personal accounts, just as the ownership of the bank's petty deposit and lump sum withdrawal belongs to an individual. After resigning, it just stops saving, but the money in the account is still yours. As long as it complies with the provisions of provident fund withdrawal, it can be withdrawn at any time, and can be renewed later, and will not be invalidated.