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Which is better to visit Hong Kong on New Year's Day 2019? New year's Day Hong Kong Tourism Strategy

Today is going to be a holiday. How do you play this three-day New Year's Day holiday? Since the opening of the Hong Kong Macao Bridge, I believe that many people choose to travel to Hong Kong, so do you need to make a good strategy in advance to play in Hong Kong on New Year's day?

2019 Hong Kong Cross year accommodation recommendation

Hong Kong Zoe sue'er

Price: 998 yuan / day for 7 people

Coordinates: Hong Kong - Kowloon City

The building style of this homestay is the slowly Nordic ins style. The rooms are all romantic and fresh and simple colors, with romantic and beautiful star lights, as well as woollen blankets and tulles, etc. in a word, it is very comfortable and suitable for taking photos!

In addition, there are hanging chairs here. No matter whether you want to sit quietly and read a book or what, you can have a quiet place to stay here. Then the overall accommodation facilities here are mainly warm, no matter whether it's a pillow or a bed!

InterContinental Hong Kong

Address: 18 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Transportation: Airport Limousine transfer service can be booked at InterContinental Hong Kong. Or take the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui station and walk for about seven to ten minutes, and Tsim east station for about five minutes

Hong Kong's new year, of course, is not without Victoria's fireworks, so the Intercontinental Hotel introduced by Xiaobian is the only hotel facing Victoria port in Hong Kong!

The location is superior. You can see the beautiful scenery of Victoria Harbor and the avenue of stars here!

During the day, it's bustling and bustling around here. At night, when the lights start to shine, Victoria harbor becomes colorful and bright. The beautiful light show makes you stop at once.

As for accommodation, it's needless to say that the room is clean and tidy, the overall style is low-key but gorgeous. The room facilities are matched from the American agraria fragrance brand, which can be said to be enough for you to have a perfect accommodation experience.

Finally, Xiaobian reminds you to book early!

Cross year transportation strategy of Hong Kong

Airport to city:

The fastest way is to take the Hong Kong Airport Express. Follow the instructions of the airport entry hall and you can find the airport express. You can arrive within half an hour.

Urban transportation:

The MTR is very convenient. Like the Taipei MRT, most of Hong Kong's attractions can be reached by MTR. In addition, there are many transportation cards to choose from.

Cross year traffic precautions in Hong Kong

On December 31, the crowd control will be carried out after 8:00 p.m. in Tsimshatsui subway station, you can't get in or out, please pay attention!

During the new year, there are so many subway people, especially Causeway Bay station and Tsimshatsui station. So Xiaobian suggested that you go out early and reserve more time for yourself.

Hong Kong Metro operates 24 hours a day, so don't worry about missing the last bus. There must be one available