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Why does SK2 immortal water taste like saliva? Is the water taste normal in Shenxian Shuikou

in addition to the polarization of efficacy, there are different opinions about the taste of SK2 immortal water. So what do you think is the taste of immortal water? Some say it's stink, some say it's saliva, what do you think it's smell? Let's get to know. Although the taste is not very good, but the effect is very good.

SK2 immortal water tastes like saliva

SK2 immortal water contains yeast fermentation, which is similar to the rancid smell of enzyme fermentation. When it is near, it has no taste. But when it is poured out and patted on the hand or on the cosmetic cotton, it smells the taste. I believe you will not forget that the naked taste of mouth water is like the feeling of not brushing your teeth. The fresh and freshly opened bottle of fairy water tastes lighter, but it's more and more strong after a long time.

SK2 immortal water has alcohol taste

In fact, it is easy to understand the problem that SK2 immortal water has alcohol taste, because in the process of yeast fermentation, it is inevitable to produce acid, and naturally there will be some fermented alcohol taste, which will gradually disappear over time, leaving a strong taste of saliva.

Does the water smell normal

The taste of SK2 immortal water is really not the fairy smell in the imagination. Even the good smell doesn't exist. So it's normal to say that the smell of SK2 immortal water is too bad, but everyone's description may be different. Some people will say that it's smelly feet and some people will say that it's water, but really no one will boast that SK2 immortal water is good.

Besides, the SK2 flavor of the fairy water is mainly the natural smell of yeast fermentation, which does not contain flavors, and it is so smelly. And the flavor is heavier and heavier over time. The initial flavor may be closer to a little sour taste. But the longer the Kaifeng, the more slobber it tastes, the more sour the smell is, the more alcohol it will gradually become, so don't simply use it. This is the difference between true and false.