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What's the matter with frozen cosmetics online? Can it be used after thawing

It's exciting to think that you can get your favorite cosmetics soon, until you accidentally see the news that "the makeup remover is frozen into ice lump", isn't it very heartfelt for the little friends in the extremely cold area? Then why does the online cosmetics freeze? Can it be used after the thaw?


What are the ingredients of cosmetics?

(the products that can be frozen into ice lumps are all products with relatively large water molecules, so Xiaobian mainly refers to this kind of cosmetics here. )

The main components of cosmetics are oily raw materials and water. In addition, they contain spices, preservatives, pigments, water-soluble polymer compounds, surfactants, humectants, cosmetics drugs, metal ion adhesives and other components.

The cosmetics we see are made of the above ingredients in a certain proportion, so most of them don't look like the color of pure water. They will choose specific ingredients according to the effect they want to achieve, and show different colors at the same time.

(the price of cosmetics varies greatly because of the different ingredients they contain. )


Why do cosmetics freeze into ice?

Because cosmetics contain a lot of water molecules, it is normal to freeze into ice at very low temperature. Specifically, it depends on the ingredients in the product. Because the ingredients and contents in each product are different, the temperature value it needs to reach for freezing is not the same.

Let's use the toner we use every day. For example, babies know that water without any impurities will freeze at zero. Because the toner contains a small amount of alcohol, its freezing point will be reduced by four or five degrees. Of course, it depends on the content of other ingredients in the toner when it freezes. (some cosmetics will add some antifreeze, that is to say, more antifreeze. )


Can cosmetics be frozen into ice and used after thawing?

It depends on the degree of freezing.

For some slight and short-term freezing phenomenon, if it looks like the same as the original liquid after natural thawing, it will not affect the use (also do not exclude that some of its nutrients will be weakened or the shelf life will be shortened). Try to use it as soon as possible after thawing.

After thawing, some oil and water appear to separate obviously, and a lot of impurities precipitate, which shows that its composition has been destroyed. Although it can not be restored to the original liquid state under normal temperature, it is impossible to achieve the original skin care effect. In this case, do not use it.

There are also some bottles of frozen cosmetics. It's better not to mend them. (just like the principle that the food picked up from the ground in five seconds can still be eaten, are you sure that five seconds can reflect it?) if even the bottles are broken, even though they are solid, they will be polluted by the outside world, so it is not recommended to use them.


How to avoid frozen cosmetics?

First of all, when shopping for cosmetics online, you must pay attention to the delivery place, check the local temperature in the last week. In some places where the temperature is particularly low, Xiaobian can only say that you should buy carefully, or choose the express delivery that can deliver quickly, so as to minimize the time of cosmetics on the road. When receiving express delivery, we must first check the goods and choose to reject them if there is any problem. If you still don't feel at ease, you can buy cosmetics in the nearest physical store!

Secondly, pay attention to the best storage temperature of cosmetics is 5-15 ℃. When using cosmetics, pay attention to the temperature of the place where the cosmetics are stored should not be too low or too high, so as to maintain the nutritional ingredients of cosmetics to the greatest extent.

How to defrost the frozen cosmetics

You need to get the colder place in the room first, such as the balcony for one night, let it thaw, and then put it in a relatively warm place, such as the bathroom to adapt to the indoor temperature. After about half a day, you can open it in Meimei

Put it in a dry place away from light and normal temperature, but the effect of frozen skin care products is not so good to absorb, and it can not maintain the original shelf life for such a long time, so it should be used up as soon as possible. Cosmetics have the most suitable storage temperature. If it is higher or lower than this temperature, it will accelerate the deterioration time of the product, so use it as soon as possible. But this is only for moisturizing and hydrating products. If it is whitening, it is not recommended, because the whitening ingredients are unstable.

Skin care products can be used when frozen. As long as the cosmetics are placed in a warm place, the skin care products will be unfrozen.