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What's the best gift for leaders in the new year? What's special about giving gifts during the Sprin

Spring Festival is coming, many people are worried about giving gifts to leaders. They don't know how to give them, what to give them, shopping malls, expensive but not used. So how is the best way to give gifts to leaders in the new year? What is the best gift for leaders in the new year? In fact, Chinese New Year gifts are also very exquisite.

What's the best way to give gifts to leaders: do what you want

Everyone knows that gifts should be given as they are, but it's really difficult to do so. Today, I'll talk about it carefully for you. For example, if leaders like to drink tea, it's natural to send tea, which needs to be done as follows: first, the appearance looks good; second, the quality is indeed good; third, to send tea that leaders like, it's better to buy tea in tin cans, which is convenient for tea preservation, and the tin filling capacity is small, with a sense of refinement. Other gifts can be proved by the same reason. Try to combine appearance with practicality.

What's the best way to give a gift to a leader

The more expensive the gift is, the better. It's better to buy a few bottles of berghaust for an expensive porcelain. The quality is guaranteed, the price is not expensive, and the leader can really use it.

The gift is light, which naturally makes the leader unhappy and thinks you are perfunctory; if the gift is too heavy, the leader may politely refuse it and pay for it, which on the contrary causes the burden of the leader. Therefore, the gift is subject to the degree that the other party can accept, how much money to spend and how much to do.

What's the best way to give gifts to leaders: don't give gifts every holiday

Nowadays, there are more and more festivals. There are many big and small festivals in a year. It's not necessary to give gifts every time. If you visit the door every time, it makes the leaders feel uncomfortable. Even if you don't give gifts at home, such regular gifts will be too useful. The leaders always owe you.

It is better to choose important festivals, such as Spring Festival, national day, new year's day, Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and birthday. Only in this way can leaders receive gifts comfortably and let gifts really play its role.

What's the best way to give gifts to leaders: fully understand before sending

The leader will not be unhappy or impressed by the popular gift. And if you send them after you fully understand their hobbies, you can easily stand out from a bunch of gifts and let the leaders appreciate you carefully and seriously.

How to give gifts to leaders?


The purpose of giving gifts: many people think it's flattering to give gifts to leaders, but just like giving gifts to friends on New Year's day, why can't you give gifts to leaders?

In addition to the annual holidays, gifts can also be given to leaders in daily life. At the same time, in the process of work, gifts can deepen the impression of leaders on themselves, and also help their future work. Before giving gifts, we should think about the purpose of giving gifts, so as to grasp the direction of the process of giving gifts.


Time of gift giving: Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival. At this time, people often think that there must be an endless stream of people giving gifts to the leaders. So I just don't want to give it away, otherwise it's ugly. In fact, I think twice about my family during the holidays. At this time, we should go to the leader 's house and sit down. Even if you buy some fruit to visit. It also expresses a human feeling.

Let leaders feel that you know the world, not a nerd. Of course, don't often go to the leader's house, it will be very annoying.


Gift giving weight: that's the key. If you don't ask for leadership, but only for daily communication, then don't give too heavy gifts, otherwise it will be difficult for leaders to choose whether to accept or not. If you ask for leadership, you can send more. But we also need to avoid cramming when we are in a hurry, and only when we are on the verge of it can we give a heavy gift, which makes leaders feel very abrupt.


The way of giving gifts: there are many ways to give gifts to people, such as visiting in person, working time, transfer by entrusted person, etc., but to give gifts to the leaders, they usually choose to go to the leaders' home in person, at 7 or 8 p.m. is appropriate. Of course, special circumstances and special treatment.


Gift words: This is the most difficult for many new employees. Give gifts to leaders, how to say, will it be embarrassing? I believe everyone has encountered such a question. Generally speaking, the gifts that are not heavy should be put down directly when entering the door, and should not be mentioned when leaving the door. Everyone knows it.

If it's a more valuable gift, if you have nothing to ask for, you should show it when you enter. If there is something to ask for, it's better to finish with the leader and explain it when you go out.


After giving gifts: many people think that after giving gifts, they will sit down and wait for the result. It's up to them to plan things. Actually not. After giving gifts, it's better to call or talk to the leader the next day, so that you can know whether you can do something from the leader's voice. At that time, we can figure out the intention of the leaders' words and act on their own initiative.

How to choose a gift?

What is the best way to give gifts to leaders: practical

In this respect, digital electronic gifts and craft gifts are the main products. Pen, book, necktie, wallet, perfume, lighter, tea set, racket and so on are most commonly used to understand customers' hobbies, character and give their best. The customer is more receptive and can build a good relationship slowly.

What's the best way to give gifts to leaders: decoration type

Taiwan calendar, Zhaocai cat, crystal decoration, etc. This kind of gift is mostly used in the initial contact stage, which gives customers a good feeling, but because the gift does not have much practical and economic value, it will not impress customers too much. In the key stage of playing the list, this kind of gift is still free of waste.

What's the best way to give gifts to leaders: token type

Transportation card (of course, it's value added), mobile phone value added card, various supermarket vouchers and other gifts have many advantages, needless to say, they are convenient for the giver, and they are rare good things!

What's the best way to give gifts to leaders: luxury

This involves high-level business cooperation or other needs. For example, watches, advanced gifts, jade articles, etc., the list has reached a critical time. When do you want to stay if you don't?

However, remember to be clear about the customer's' hobbies' in order to take advantage of them. For some leaders who pay attention to health preservation, it is better to give some gifts about health than those seemingly precious and beautiful things without any practical significance.

For example, Cordyceps sinensis, a popular high-end natural health care product, is favored by more and more leaders because of its valuable health care value of anti-cancer, improving immunity, tonifying kidney, nourishing lung and so on.

There are many brands of Cordyceps sinensis, and the best quality comes from the natural Cordyceps in Naqu, Tibet. For example, the famous domestic brand Fulinmen Cordyceps is a typical representative in this respect.

It has been proved in practice that most people can get twice the result with half the effort by giving gifts to leaders and sending a box of Cordyceps sinensis with high value and exquisite packaging.

What's the best gift for leaders: Tea

China is the hometown of tea, with a long history of tea planting, strict tea ceremony, and unique tea drinking customs. China has been drinking tea for at least 4300 years since the Shennong era. Tea ceremony is predestined. It has existed since ancient times. So I think it's good to send them out.