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What brand of domestic new energy vehicles are good? Ten cost performance brands of new energy in Ch

According to the news on November 6, at the 2018 annual meeting of China Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE China), the state and local subsidy policies for new energy vehicles were successively introduced. What brand of new energy vehicles are good for domestic? Ten cost-effective brands of new energy in China. See if your favorite car is on the list?

1、 Tesla

Tesla can be said to be the No. 1 pure electric vehicle brand in the world, and its technology in the field of new energy vehicles is at the leading level in the world. But the price of Tesla's electric new energy vehicles is also not cheap. The price starts at about 600000 yuan, which is already a luxury car, so there is less to see on the streets in China now.

2、 BYD

BYD is a leading brand in the field of new energy vehicles. Because BYD started as a rechargeable battery, and the new energy vehicle battery is one of the core technologies, it has inherent advantages in technology. Now Xiaobian is on the street. You can often see the new energy BYD car. Why do I know it's new energy, because they have green new energy license plate, so it's very obvious!

3、 BAIC new energy

It is a new energy subsidiary of BAIC, the first one in China to obtain new energy vehicle production qualification. Up to now, it has launched five series of new energy vehicles, including eh, EU, ex, EV and EC.

Four, BMW

As a famous luxury car brand, BMW has long laid out the field of new energy vehicles. Its famous new energy vehicles include I3, i5, etc.

Five, Geely

At present, Geely Holding Group is the most powerful brand among domestic automobile brands, because it has acquired Volvo, and it is also rumored to be a shareholder of Mercedes Benz. It can be said that it is one of the strongest domestic automobile enterprises at present. Its Dihao series is a new energy vehicle.

6、 Changan Automobile

Chang'an is also a well-known enterprise of new energy vehicles among domestic brands, and its escape series are new energy vehicle models.

Seven, Zhongtai

Maybe your first impression of Zotye is that you created "bostye" by imitating Porsche. It really started by imitating, but now it also gradually has its own original model. Its Z500 is a new energy model.

8、 Smart

This is Mercedes Benz's micro car brand (also known as smart car), so it is still some background strength. Its new energy vehicle is: smart smart fortwo 2014 electric drive.

9、 SAIC Maxus

Looking at the name is that SAIC has something to do with it. SAIC Maxus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC. It's the so-called big tree on its back to enjoy the cool. In fact, its strength cannot be underestimated. Its new energy vehicles are mainly 2016 Eg10 systems.

10、 Seahorse car

Haima automobile, formerly a joint venture brand, has now become a pure domestic brand automobile. Its main new energy vehicles are: pulimar 2016 EV green drive.