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How does winter hand grow chilblain to do? Folk prescription of chilblain treatment

In winter, the weather is cold and exposed to the air for a long time. It will be attacked by cold air and frostbite will occur. Especially for some people who have been working outdoors for a long time, frostbite is easy to grow. What about frostbite in winter.

Blister brine

The frostbite is treated by immersion in hot brine. After the water is boiled, salt is added. When the hands are not hot, put the hands in and massage the frostbite parts. The frostbite can be treated by immersion for 15 minutes every day for one week.

Banana paste

After frostbite, you can smear it with banana. First wash the frostbitten part with hot water, then mash the banana and apply it to the frostbitten position, then drop the banana naturally and apply it twice a day to treat frostbite.

Pickled chili water

You can also add chilli water to treat frostbite. Boil chilli branches into water, then add some chillies, cool them slightly, soak them in your hands, and effectively treat frostbite.

Bubble eggplant water

After frostbite in winter, you can wash your hands with boiled water from eggplant branches, which has a good therapeutic effect. After boiling water with the branches and leaves of eggplant, it will cool down a little and hold it with both hands. You can cure the frostbite until the frostbite area of the leaves of eggplant continues to turn red.

There are many reasons for frostbite. In winter, when the temperature becomes cold, hands and feet are cold, lack of exercise makes blood circulation, poor physical fitness, or wearing unheated and cold may cause frostbite. Winter is coming, you can prevent frostbite by following methods.

1. Pay attention to the weather in winter. Keep warm all over the body and part of the body, add clothes according to the temperature change, especially for hands, feet and ears. You can wear gloves and earmuffs. When going out, wear a scarf to prevent cold wind from getting into your body from inside your neck.

2. Soak hands and feet with warm water every day. Soak hands and feet in low-temperature water for a short time, and then soak them in high-temperature water. In this way, the temperature difference of water can exercise the contraction and expansion function of blood vessels and reduce the occurrence of frostbite. 3. In winter, because of the dry climate, hand cream can be applied to moisturize and avoid dryness and itching. Otherwise, the skin can be scratched to cause secondary infection. Drink more warm boiled water and eat more fruits to supplement the water needed by the body.

How to do after long chilblain?

1. If only the swelling is not broken, it can be applied with aeolian essence. It contains menthol, camphor and other ingredients with Vasodilative and anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Remove the skin and core with jujube, add water and boil it into paste, smear it on the crack of hands and feet, or rub the frostbite with white radish after being heated, and it will recover in a few days.

3. When you feel cold, rub your hands after you breath, so that the temperature of your hands will rise, which can effectively prevent frostbite.

4. When sleeping at night, you can also put a hot water bag in the quilt to warm your feet and hands, promote blood circulation, and effectively prevent frostbite.