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New year's day, 2019, Hangzhou, where to play? Hangzhou cross year activities

Hangzhou is a very livable city. We all know that the saying "there are Suzhou and Hangzhou in heaven" is enough to show people's love for Hangzhou. After a year's hard work, it's 2019. If you haven't figured out where to spend the new year, go to Hangzhou. Feel the great style of Hangzhou.

1. The night of Wulin

Last year's 3D light show in Wulin Square is fresh in your memory. You can count down when it's close to zero, but whether this year's event will continue or not will wait for official notice.

2. Guoda City Square

Basically, every year, there will be a countdown across the year in the big stupid screen of the big city square. It's not far from the Wulin Square. The best viewing angle is the seven fairies fountain. If the performance starts, it will definitely cause congestion. However, whether there is a countdown across the year or not depends on the official knowledge.

3. Jingci Temple rings the bell for new year

When celebrating New Year's day, Hangzhou's friends go to the temple to ring the bell, mainly to pray for the good weather in the coming year. Jingci bell ringing is also an annual New Year's blessing program for Hangzhou people, and there are also new year's blessing climbing activities in Leifeng Tower in the north of Jingci temple. Every year, Jingci Temple starts to ring the bell at 8:00 p.m. on December 21. Tickets for the day are the same as usual, 20 yuan for the night, including tickets for ringing the bell. At the end of the activity, I regret holding the new year prayer meeting.

4. City balcony light show

Lights show is essential for Qiantang River to cross the year. The young people near Qiantang River can enjoy the annual bright lights on the city balcony on the night of the 31st. The lights of Qianjiang new town will be extended to 1:30 a.m. on January 1 of the next year every year on the night of the 31st. You can go and have a look.

Trans year activities

1. Kerry Center outdoor city

The 2019 Carnival cross year party will be held from 20:00-24:00 on December 31. Here are the red mill, the colorful Broadway jazz of Kangkang dance, and the floating three-dimensional zero reciprocal high-tech will gather in the Kerry Center.