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How to turn off verification for the new version of wechat? Close validation method steps list

If we don't log in to wechat for a few days, the system will automatically detect the security problem of our wechat account. When you log in again, you will need to log in for verification. How can the new version of wechat turn off verification? Close the validation method steps at a glance.

Open the wechat application icon on the mobile phone, log in the personal account and password to the home page, and click "I" in the lower right corner of the page

In the new page that opens, find the 'Settings' column and click to open it

At this time, go to the setting page of personal wechat, and click to open the "account and security" option at the top of the page

In the opened account and security settings page, we can see that 'account protection' is currently in the 'protected' state, and click to open it

At this time, we can see that the account protection is currently on. When the wechat account is logged in to other devices, it can only be logged in after the wechat user's personal mobile number is verified successfully. If you don't need the reminder of this function, you can click the close button on the right

The system will pop up a reminder window "after account protection is turned off, the security of the account will be reduced". If you don't mind that the account is stolen and you don't know it, you can click "OK"

As shown in the figure below, the account protection of wechat is turned off. No matter what device you log in to, the account will no longer be verified by the mobile number

In fact, this is because he has enabled the protection function of wechat account. As long as wechat logs in on untrusted mobile phones and other devices, it must pass the verification of mobile phone number before it can be added to the white list, mainly to prevent the wechat account from being stolen by others. Then, if you don't want to receive such verification reminders all the time, you can also turn off the function actively, but the account security will be greatly reduced.