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How to prevent domestic iron products from rusting? Rust treatment of iron products

It is inevitable to use iron products in daily life. In the process of use, iron products are easy to rust. Apart from unsightness, rusty objects are difficult to use again, which brings great inconvenience to people. How can iron products rust in daily life?

1. Iron products in daily life should not be used in humid environment. If the surrounding environment of iron products is wet, the surface will be oxidized and rusted quickly, and the use environment should be kept dry as far as possible. Once the surface of iron products contacts with water, it should be dried as soon as possible;

2. Iron products with protective properties can be painted with antirust paint. Generally, it needs to spray or brush two coats, and then apply one or two coats of finishing paint, which can play a role of long-term protection, better waterproof and air insulation;

3. The surface of iron products is coated with corrosion-resistant metals such as zinc and aluminum by electroplating, hot plating and spray plating. This method has a good effect, can effectively isolate water and air, and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

4. A fine and stable oxide film was formed on the surface by chemical method.

In a word, rust of iron products is very easy to threaten personal safety. In fact, it is not so difficult to prevent rust of iron products. We can do it everyday.

Before using the iron pot, pour a proper amount of cooking oil or lard into the pot, shake the wok during heating, attach the oil to the wok evenly, and heat for about 2 minutes. After heating, pour out the excess oil and wipe the pan with a dry soft cloth.

Kitchen knife antirust

Soak the kitchen knife in the rice washing water. Because the rice washing water is rich in starch, a protective film can be formed on the surface of iron. Take it out and dry it after about two hours to prevent the kitchen knife from rusting. If it is rusty, you can scrub it with coke, or clean it with potato shreds dipped with fine sand, or evenly smear tomato juice on the rusty part, and then wipe it with a rag after a few minutes to remove the rust.

Automobile antirust

If the car has small rust spots, it can be treated with ordinary toothpaste. When it is found that there are new small scars on the car body, apply the toothpaste to the scratches with a light circle. Don't forget to paint it again after the rain or the car wash. In general, this method can reduce the scratch mark, and also can simply play a role of isolation, prevent rust, no problem in a short time. Especially white paint, the most obvious effect.

Antirust of razor

After using the razor, first wipe the blade with a cloth, and then smear it with oily facial oil for many times to prevent the blade from rusting.

In daily use, the most important thing is to maintain the iron articles regularly. If the iron articles are rusted, the safety and service life of the articles will be reduced, and at the same time, it is not beautiful. It is better to consider the corrosion resistance of the items when choosing to buy. At present, there are many stainless steel products in the market that can replace iron products. Stainless steel products have a very good corrosion resistance and have been widely used in various fields.