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How to set up your wechat friend circle's personal signature? Wechat personal signature setting proc

Sometimes when we check other people's circle of friends, we can see a sentence in their avatar. How to set up their wechat circle of friends' personal signature? Wechat personal signature setting process at a glance.

Method / step:

We usually call that "personal signature". It will be displayed not only on our profile page, but also under our wechat friends' circle picture.

To set up such a personal signature, we first need to click on our own avatar in "I" to enter the personal information.

In the personal information page, there is no 'personal signature' we are looking for. At this point we have to choose 'more'.

In more information, we can see "personal signature"! Of course, in addition to the personal signature, we can also modify our gender and region.

Click "personal signature" to enter the editing status of personal signature. We input the personal signature we want to set on the horizontal line.

After clicking save in the upper right corner, we will exit and wait for about a minute to refresh our own circle of friends page. At this time, the personal signature will appear under our avatar.