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Can I watch TV during my confinement? What should I pay attention to when watching TV during my conf

Women need to pay attention to more issues during the confinement period, whether it is diet or life, we should pay proper attention! Today many netizens asked me if I could watch TV during my confinement? What should I pay attention to when watching TV during my confinement? The editor summarizes the following points.

it is not suitable to watch TV in the first 10 days of postpartum.

Don't watch TV for the first 10 days after delivery. Because, no matter it is natural or Caesarean birth, in a period of time after delivery, the retina of the parturient will appear edema. Watching TV at this time will stimulate the retina, which is not good for the health of the eyes. You must wait until the retinal edema disappears before watching TV. And eyestrain also can cause eyesight to drop, so although the puerpera can read or watch TV in the second half of the month, they should pay attention not to watch too long to avoid eyestrain.

During the confinement period, you can watch TV occasionally.

With the gradual recovery of the maternal body, in addition to feeding the baby every day, reasonable diet and rest, we can appropriately add some maternal leisure activities, such as: watching TV, listening to music, doing postpartum recovery exercise, talking with the mothers who are sitting in the moon together, exchanging the experience of caring for the baby, etc., so that we can relax the tense mood and maintain a happy heart Situation, to ensure full lactation, better breastfeeding, prevention of postpartum depression are very good help.

Some new mothers are worried about the bad influence of watching TV while sitting in the moon on their mothers, so what's the impact of watching TV while sitting in the moon? Is watching TV bad for postpartum women? Generally speaking, the influence of watching TV during confinement mainly refers to watching TV for a long time. If you watch TV for a long time during confinement, it will certainly harm the physical and mental health of the puerpera.

1. The TV screen will emit invisible electromagnetic radiation. Although they are all within the safe range of not harming human organs, if they touch the screen for a long time every day, they will cause certain damage to human eyes, such as conjunctivitis, punctate keratitis, etc. Of course, because the radiation of LCD TV is less than that of traditional TV, so if mothers want to watch TV, they'd better choose a LCD TV.

2. Postpartum women's physical weakness, long-term sitting next to the television is not good not only for the eyes, but also for the waist, which is prone to long-term back pain later.

3. It's easy to form lazy and negative psychology in front of TV. When watching TV for a long time or being addicted to watching TV, the eyes are completely passive and staring at the screen. There is no independent eye movement, and the head is fixed in a posture, just like daydreaming. In this way, we just passively and unidirectionally absorb TV content, without interactive time, sitting by the TV all day, gradually forming a lazy, unwilling to take the initiative to do things, affecting physical and mental health

The following problems should be paid attention to when watching TV during confinement:

1. Properly control the time of watching TV: the time of watching TV should not be too long, and it is better not to exceed an hour every day, otherwise the eyes will be tired easily. In the process of watching TV, you can close your eyes properly and rest for a while, or stand up and walk for a while to eliminate the fatigue of your eyes.

2. The distance of watching TV should not be too close. Reduce the radiation of electromagnetic wave to the mother and baby. When watching TV, keep the distance between eyes and TV screen five times of the diagonal length of TV screen.

3. Don't watch the programs with strong stimulation, such as some thrillers, too sad content, so as to avoid affecting the mood and damaging the maternal mood.

4. Don't make too much noise when watching TV, so as not to affect the baby.

5. The height of the TV set should be appropriate, not too high or too low, to avoid causing cervical discomfort.