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Who are the stars of BTV's new year's Gala? The guest lineup of BTV's 2019 New Year's Gala

Less than a month has passed since 2019, and Beijing Satellite TV's New Year party is in full swing. It is reported that more than 30 star guests will be invited to the new year's Party of Beijing Satellite TV. Recently, the first batch of guests will be announced as oner, Guan Xiaotong, Wu Dajing and Lu xiansen. In addition to more than 30 famous stars, the Olympic champion cross-border support, as well as taking into account the diversity of folk singers to join, it can be said to be the guest group of the national family reunion.

Broadcast time of 2019 cross year party of Beijing Satellite TV: 19:30 p.m. on December 31, 2018

Detailed list of star guests: Dajing, Lu xiansen, oner, Guan Xiaotong, Zhao Weichang, Han Tianyu, Liu Qiuhong, Xu Weizhou, Mike, arilang, Pengjun frog, a-Si, Feng Timo, Huaze cilantro, snh48, Zaxipingcuo, Yu Yi, Xiong Ziqi, dimaxi, pan Yueming, Wu Mochou, Jin Zhiwen, Yang Kun, Zhang Xinzhe, n-war ZBZ, power train, black leopard band, Cui Jian, Zheng Jun, Zhang Zhenyue, Wang Feng, Yu Mengyu, Zhang Tianai, Yi Liyuan, Guo Feng, Tengger, Zhou Bichang, Han Lei, Zhang Huimei, Chen Sisi, Chang Yuan, Xiao Yang, song Zuer, Hou Minghao, Zhang Shaohan, Zhou Dongyu

This year's cross year theme continues the characteristics of the double Olympic City, and carries out the concept of "ice and Snow Festival" throughout the year. It is a unique ice and snow carnival. Wu Dajing, the world record holder of men's 500m short track speed skating and the Olympic record holder, has both beauty and strength. His joining undoubtedly demonstrates Beijing's responsibility and confidence as the city of Winter Olympics. The performance of Wu Dajing, who is known as "the first high voice in Northeast China", can not help but be expected.

In addition, Beijing Satellite TV also invited the new generation of all-around band representative oner, a men's band famous for its "high altitude", "high popularity" and "double height". Will this new year's party bring the first TV show of the new album? Guan Xiaotong, the representative of the double actors in film and TV series, used to sing in the form of singing. I wonder if this year will bring a different performance form? At the same time, Beijing Satellite TV also invited Lu xiansen, a folk band. It has been using fresh music and natural melody to lead fans to escape from the city and relax. It's not hard to see that BTV invited the band to take good care of the tastes of the audience in the multi era. Although only four guests have been announced at present, they have their own characteristics. Fans radiate all ages.