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Forbes 2018 global rich list under 30! The youngest is 97 years old

The so-called wave behind the Yangtze River pushes the wave ahead. Now, different from the past, some young people have aimed at new business opportunities with their sharp judgment, and quickly become rich with less than two years' worth. Forbes 2018 list of the world's richest people under the age of 30 to learn about it! At least 97 years old. Do you have a sense of urgency.

10th place: John & Middleton; Kristen wealth value: 1 billion US dollars

Age: 27 country: Ireland

John and Patrick crimson, two brothers, studied at MIT and Harvard University respectively. Later, they chose to drop out of school together, founded the digital payment company stripe, and quickly gained the attention of investors. Their financing value quickly exceeded 100 million yuan.

Ninth place: Patrick & Middleton; Kristen wealth value: 1 billion US dollars

Age: 29 country: Ireland

John & Middleton; crimson's brother, one of the founders, founded the digital payment company stripe.

Eighth place: age: 30 countries: China

Wang Junyao, eldest son, former chairman of Junyao group,. Junyao group is mainly engaged in air transportation and marketing services, and involves in real estate, investment and other fields. In various business areas, Junyao group is constantly providing customers with services beyond imagination, and is committed to gradually becoming a century old modern service shop with international vision.

Seventh place: Alexandra & middot; Andreessen wealth value: 1.3 billion US dollars

Age: 21 country: Norway

Alexandra & middot; Andreessen is the standard 95's, and also the world's youngest rich, is a white rich beauty like a fake package. Her wealth comes from inheriting the family wealth, and she is also a professional equestrian dressage dancer. She confessed that she would not learn equestrian without the family wealth.

Sixth place: Catherine & Middleton; Andreessen wealth value: 1.3 billion US dollars

Age: 22 country: Norway

Alexandra & middot; Andreessen's sister. Last year, the two sisters inherited $1.2 billion of wealth at that time. They have risen to 1.3 billion on the Forbes 2018 global rich list. They are not only beautiful, but also have good financial management. They are so-called models of white and rich beauty.

Fifth place: Ludwig O'Dor & middot; Braun wealth value: 1.3 billion US dollars

Age: 28 country: Germany

He is the youngest son of Ludwig & middot; Georg & middot; Braun, the world's largest maker of medical products, and owns 10% of the family business.

Fourth place: Gustav & middot; magnal & middot; weizo wealth value: 1.8 billion US dollars

Age: 24 country: Norway

Gao's fortune comes from a 47% stake in salmar ASA, which his father gave him, but he has no control. It is one of the richest second generation in the world.

Third place: Evan & middot; Spiegel wealth value: 3.1 billion US dollars

Age: 27 country: USA

One of the founders of snapchat, a famous "burn after reading" photo app, had a personal fortune of $1.5 billion when he was 24 years old. One of the youngest rich people in the world, he also married the famous Australian beauty model Miranda & middot; Ke'er, who is a super life winner.

Second place: Bobby & middot; Murphy Wealth: 3.2 billion US dollars

Age: 29 country: USA

Like Evan & middot; Spiegel, one of snapchat's founders, was named the world's second-largest young billionaire in 2015.

First place: Lucas & Middleton; Walton wealth value: 16.5 billion US dollars

Age: 31 country: USA

Lucas and Middleton Walton, the grandson of Wal Mart's founder, inherited a third of his fortune after his father died of a plane crash and is seen as an investor and philanthropist.

Conclusion: many of the post-80s feel that they are still struggling with financial freedom, and the post-90s and even the post-95s begin to rise quietly. Do you have a sense of crisis at this stage?