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What is cloud flash payment? Is mobile payment flash ahead of Alipay?

cloud flash payment app of "national team" in the field of mobile payment has ushered in its first birthday. As the Pearl of applause of China UnionPay, cloud flash payment has made great achievements in this year's development. In the mobile payment market environment gradually mature, oligopoly situation is increasingly formed under the pattern, cloud flash payment is relying on the advantage of relying on banks, from Alipay and WeChat paid to grab 100 million of the users.

1、 Battle situation of mobile payment

Relevant data shows that the transaction scale of the third-party mobile payment market will reach 200 trillion yuan in 2018. Alipay has more than 900 million users worldwide, and the number of registered users has exceeded 100 million. Aggregate payment will become a trend. It is estimated that the total amount of transactions processed in 2020 will reach 94.0 trillion yuan, and the total number of transactions processed will reach 393.65 billion.

That is to say, the current mobile payment field is still the lead of Alipay, followed by WeChat payment, but only one year of cloud flash payment has taken 100 million of the users. If the mobile payment war still has to fight for 5 years, then I think who will be able to laugh till the end of the future, then it is really hard to say ah!

2、 Why do banks launch 'cloud flash payment'?

Ma Yun once said that if the bank does not want to change, we will try to make the bank change. Now the bank has finally changed, but this change may worry Ma Yun, after all, it is the central enterprise!

Let's be clear, why does UnionPay launch its own cloud flash payment? It's also for the bank's own competition. The future is a mobile payment era. Without its own payment app, many users' payment scenarios will be lost!

In the past, there was a voice on the Internet, that is, after having Alipay, even the bank had not been there. In fact, this prejudice, you know, you buy a car later, then it is all the bank loan to you. Do you really think you can find Alipay loans?

3、 What's the use of cloud flash?

To put it in a word, Alipay and WeChat have some functions to pay. They have all the functions of cloud flash payment, but Alipay has no function.

Some time ago, cloud flash payment for competition, actually sent to users a variety of red packets, you know, this time last year, Alipay red packets have been stopped.

What's the use of cloud flash? Look down:

1. Cloud flash payment app has opened UnionPay non sense payment parking fees in more than 4000 parking lots in more than 140 cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Users only need to bind UnionPay credit card in cloud flash payment app to enjoy the non sense payment service of automatically deducting parking fees when driving out, so as to solve the problem of inconvenient and low efficiency of driving travel fees.

2. The 'cloud flash payment' app fully supports all kinds of bank accounts, optimizes the user experience through big data, artificial intelligence and other technology applications, integrates the payment service tools originally scattered in various institutions, and provides various payment functions such as two or three types of account opening, credit card application, mobile NFC payment, QR code scanning, collection and transfer, remote payment, etc., becoming a unified mobile payment in the banking industry Entrance.

3. At present, with cloud flash payment, basically the bank cards of all major banks can have a super high advantage. It has to be said that the bank is really bleeding!

Four, will cloud flashover pay more than Alipay and WeChat pay?

1. Very likely

In terms of the environment, Alipay and WeChat, as the leading third party payment platforms in China, occupy 50% and 40% of the market share respectively, and the two share nearly 92% of the market share.

But recently, everyone has seen that both online and UnionPay are monitoring the third-party payment. Sometimes it's just a piece of A4 paper that beats you!

2. Not likely

From the overall point of view, the birth of cloud flash payment is too late. At this time, whether Alipay or WeChat payment, has accumulated enough brand influence, we have not found a problem? That is, the income of the balance treasure is far from before, but there are still many netizens willing to put money in Alipay.

Besides, e-commerce is so developed now, but we find that many e-commerce shopping websites do not support cloud flash payment, so why do consumers use cloud flash payment?

From the point of view of the product itself, WeChat pays WeChat's social role. Alipay also has its own user sticky. So what does cloud flash pay? It obviously does not attract users' magic!

So, this proposition is really not easy to say. The opportunity of cloud flash payment and Alipay is half and half. How do we think about this problem?