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Can moxa leaf bubble foot remove moisture in the body? The right way to make moxa leaf soak feet

AI Ye is very common in rural areas, but urban people take it as a treasure, AI Ye's nutritional value is very high. So, what about the moisture removal of moxa leaf's feet? Wormwood leaf is a good thing for health care and health preservation. The elderly especially like to use wormwood leaf for health preservation.

Can AI Ye soak his feet to get rid of moisture?

For people with severe cold and humidity, it's OK to soak their feet with wormwood leaves once a week, and it's not appropriate to use them too often. (when it is used for a long time, the wormwood leaf will lead down the empty fire and cold fire, which will cause two losses of Qi and blood on the face. )Use warm water at other times.

If you want to take tonic, you may not get tonic according to the phenomenon of deficiency, such as toothache, oral ulcer and other burning symptoms. If you have obvious burning, you can soak moxa leaves every day.

Drink more warm water and eat less cold food. If the moisture is heavy, you can cook some red bean congee with Coix kernel. When you eat it as a snack, you can eat it without interruption. It is very effective for treating the wet weight in your body.

Can moxa leaf bubble foot treat beriberi?

Mugwort leaf has the function of bacteriostasis and sterilization. It has a strong inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic skin fungi and can treat a variety of skin diseases. Therefore, using moxa leaf to treat beriberi has a certain effect. But it can only treat minor beriberi, for example, when it is very serious, it still needs to be treated.

We also need to know that when we want to treat slight beriberi, we should not only stick to using moxa leaf to soak feet, but also keep feet dry to avoid fungal infection again. Because beriberi, which is not a disease, is easy to recur. Once the treatment is interrupted, it is easy to recur.

How to use the foot of moxa leaf correctly?

The way to soak the wormwood leaves is to take 50g Wormwood Leaves, put them into cold water and boil them in high heat, turn off the fire after 5 minutes of boiling, cover the pot and simmer until the water temperature is appropriate. Then take out the Wormwood Leaves, take the medicine juice and pour it into the basin, then you can start to soak your feet. You can do foot massage while soaking until the body perspires slightly.

The wormwood leaf water just boiled is quite hot. Some people say it's not easy to cool it by covering it. Can we not cover it?

We can definitely answer: No. If the lid is not covered, the effective ingredients in the medicine will evaporate with the water vapor, which will affect the curative effect.

Some people will ask, I did not sweat with my feet, is it useless for me to use my feet?

Experts say that it's a matter of personal fitness that you don't sweat when using Aiye to soak your feet. It's better to stick to it for a while, not to sweat.