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What are the characteristics of Pisces boys? How do Pisces boys think about their feelings

Pisces man's personality characteristics mainly include: pursuing emotional balance, feeling sad and unrealistic, being always heartless and hurt, liking a strong woman's wife, being kind and not cold-blooded, being good at forbearance, extramarital love, paying attention to external image, obvious decadent tendency, no idea needing a strong wife, easy to revive old love, Pisces boy lives in fantasy all his life, likes freedom and unrestrained, if trapped It's easy to lose sleep in love.

1. Pursue emotional balance.

In Pisces man's world, there may be no right or wrong, but only emotional pay and return ratio. More pay, more pay; less pay, there will not be too much demand. However, such a view of feelings can easily become the trump card of marriage or family breakdown.

2. It's unrealistic to feel sad.

Pisces man is very sad and often indulges in fantasy, unable to extricate himself from the formal reality, but the reality is usually very cruel. He will think about the reality very simply, think about everything too well, and it is difficult to give himself a proper position in reality.

3. Sentimentality is always hurt by ruthlessness.

Pisces man is a famous amorous species. In the face of every love, he will pay sincerely. He often falls into the whirlpool of love and is hard to extricate himself. It's really hard to clear all kinds of love thoughts. He loves flirtatious, like groups of girls around their own rotation, love vague, do not want to be responsible, in fact, Pisces male also do not know how to be responsible. Is there a woman who really loves him? In the end, he is always hurt.

4. I like strong women's wives.

In the eyes of Pisces man, his wife should be a kind and caring woman who can be independent at home and abroad. For those women, it should not be the best choice for a Pisces man. They may not pay much attention to love. Once they get married, the advantages of women will be highlighted.

5. Kindness is not cold-blooded.

Pisces has as many disadvantages and advantages as Pisces, and its personality is relatively complicated. There is always an unknown side in its kind and pure heart. Pisces man is willing to help others, so it's hard for you to find cold-blooded fish in your life.

6. Good at forbearance.

Amorous is the nature of Pisces man. He is good at forbearance. He will not release his emotions easily. He is easy to fall into and obsessed with love. He will be crazy about mythical women. In the treatment of women, Pisces men are mainly considerate.

7. Extramarital love.

It's not a burst of sympathy, it's the cause of the extramarital love between a Pisces man and a third party. He sympathizes with the weak, usually doesn't cling to the strong and bully the weak, but he likes to show the weak side, and in fact, it is the same.

8. Pay attention to the external image.

Easy to pursue romantic Pisces man, very yearning for fairy tale love, he attaches great importance to his external image, he should show his best side to his lover, never allow his spoiled image to appear, if his image is ugly, it will make him very sad.

9. Decadent tendency is obvious.

The netizens who have met the Pisces man may have this experience. When they are stimulated by the outside world, they can't help but choose to escape, and they will be pessimistic. What he needs is praise and applause. Those ruthless people will only break the fragile heart.

10. No idea needs a strong wife.

He is a man who has no idea. It's easy to vacillate when he does something. He panics when he meets something troublesome. He doesn't know how to do it. When he becomes a family, he must find a determined wife to help him make sense and make a difference. In this sense, it is difficult for two Pisces to come together.

11. It's easy to revive old love.

Pisces man is a natural romantic love expert, but he is definitely not a love field veteran, or a love swindler. He has the highest probability of relapse with his former lover among the twelve constellation boys. If the old lover hints or tempts him, he will definitely lose himself or even fall.

12. Live in fantasy all your life.

Many netizens may say that this is exaggeration, but in fact, this is not mysterious at all, and only Pisces man can think of that infatuated dream. And will be reflected in the actual action, his gentle and thoughtful, meticulous care, will bring endless joy to the lover. He always involuntarily falls into love and is unable to extricate himself. In fact, the gap between dream and reality is not so big.

13. Like to be free and unrestricted.

Romantic Pisces likes a free and unrestrained life. Don't interfere in his private life too much, or he will be very angry. If you have to do it, it will aggravate the emotional crisis and make him feel distrustful, which is a very dangerous move.

14. Falling in love is easy to lose sleep.

Falling in love with a girl, or a woman, will make a Pisces man unable to sleep at night, into a deep fantasy. Imagine how your favorite girl is and how she is! This will cause insomnia. There are countless sleepless nights with Pisces boys.