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What do weasels say when they come home? Can weasels fight at home

Weasels, also known as yellow skin and Wong Tai Sin in the folk, are a kind of small animals that have been spread very evil. Then, what should weasels do when they enter the house? What should weasels do when they enter the house? What do people say

What's the saying of weasel entering the house? Weasel is called the fairy in the folk. If it comes to the house, it's auspicious, which means that the family will be rich soon.

Weasels like to eat mice, and they are more powerful than cats. If you have mice in your house, they are likely to attract weasels. The weasel will soon kill the mice at home, and then it will leave. Rats will destroy the furniture in the home, and they will steal food to leave germs. Weasels will kill the mice, which can be said to kill for the home and protect your property. Therefore, in the folk weasel into the home has the meaning of wealth.

There is also a folk saying that weasels will attach themselves to people and control people's thinking and actions, which makes many people afraid. Fear that weasel will hurt himself or his family when he comes in, but in fact, there is no need to worry about it. As long as weasel is not hurt, it will not hurt people. It can be explained scientifically that weasel controls people. When the weasel is in danger, it will release a kind of smelly fart to protect itself. This kind of odor has certain toxicity. If inhaled, people will feel dizzy. It is for this reason that weasels can confuse people and even attach to people.

What to do when the weasel comes into the house? Do not hit or hurt the weasel when he comes into the house. If you want to let him go, open the door or window of his own house, and then knock around on pots and other items to make a sound. He will run away and dare not come again.

Weasels are no longer common in modern society, especially in cities. But they can be seen occasionally in the countryside or suburbs. However, many people don't like to come to weasel because weasel eats chicken. If we have chickens at home, it is likely to attract weasels to steal chickens, which is a very annoying thing. But even if weasel comes to eat chicken, don't hurt it. Because weasels, commonly known as immortals, are spiritual. If they hurt them, they may bring bad luck to their families.

If you want the weasel to leave, you can keep a dog at home. The dog will scare the weasel away and never dare to come again. Or, when the weasel comes, open the door or window of his own home, and then knock around on things like pots, making a sound, and it will be scared away.