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Can I wash my feet while sitting on the moon? What should you pay attention to when washing your fee

Sitting on the moon is a period of time for mothers to reduce their activities for the rest of the body and uterus after giving birth. Can they wash their feet during sitting on the moon? What should you pay attention to when you wash your feet? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Can't sitting on the moon wash your face and feet?


During the month, due to the puerpera's physical deficiency and poor resistance, reducing the opportunity to go out can reduce the incidence of disease, fruits can be eaten, shampoo can be, but the water temperature must be appropriate, I wish you health!!!

The traditional folk custom of sitting on the moon advocates that 'sitting on the moon can't drink water, only drink! "I don't wash my hair after a month! "I eat tonic every day! "Be sure to sit for 30 days! 'sitting on a moon seems to be another difficulty in life, which makes many pregnant or just giving birth women nervous!

During the period of sitting in the moon, it is mainly to avoid heavy physical labor, prohibit sexual life for one month, avoid touching cold water and eating raw and cold food. During the period of sitting in the moon, you can brush your teeth, wash your face and feet, but you can't use cold water, you need to use hot water. If you don't pay attention to hygiene during the month, you will increase the probability of infection, and if you don't brush your teeth, you will increase the possibility of tooth decay.

Precautions for sitting on the moon:

The term "Moon" refers to the time from birth to one month after birth, i.e. 30 days. In medicine, the puerperal period is defined as six weeks after birth, that is, the period from the delivery of the fetus and placenta to the recovery of the maternal body organs (except the mammary gland) to the pre pregnancy state. Scientifically speaking, the time limit for sitting on the moon is 6 weeks.

For postpartum deficiency of Qi and blood, if you lose Qi and blood again during the confinement period, you will make your new mother suffer from asthenia labor disease, make your body more deficient, and in the future, your pain will increase. If the new mother is deficient in psoas and fails to recuperate in time during the month, she is likely to suffer from chronic psoas diseases. Therefore, the consequences of poor conditioning during the period of confinement are different.

Normal production is the natural physiological phenomenon of melon ripening, while broken palace production is the artificial phenomenon of melon ripening. Most of the two treatments are the same, but because the wound is different, there will be different care. Cesarean section is one of the operations. Therefore, hair food, such as beans, seafood, fungi, beef and mutton, should not be eaten for the time being. It is very good to eat after the wound is healed.