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Can I have a mirror in the bedroom? Taboo and requirement of mirror in bedroom

For Feng Shui, people pay more attention to the bedroom Feng Shui, because it directly affects the quality of our sleep. In fact, the bedroom geomancy is also an important aspect of the home, so can the bedroom put a mirror? What's the point of visiting the mirror in the bedroom?

1. The mirror can't face the bed

On fengshui, the mirror can't face the bed. This is because when people are sleeping, they are the most relaxed and unsuspecting, so if they get up in the middle of the night and are scared by themselves in the mirror, they will hurt the yuan Shen. It can not only affect health and couple's feelings, but also affect wealth.

2. No mirrors on the ceiling

Some people like to use the mirror material that can reflect when they are making the ceiling. In fact, this is not conducive to Fengshui. If the mirror is on the ceiling, the people below will consume gas, money and health. As the saying goes: 'mirror down, fight all day'.

3. The mirror can't face the door

Mirror to door, main right and wrong, peach blossom, etc. Especially when the height of the mirror is more than half of the height of the door, it is equivalent to using the mirror to rebuild a door, which is opposite to the door in real life. So when placing, we should pay attention to this point.

4. The mirror should not face the bedroom window

The mirror is facing the bedroom window. If there are too many bad things outside the window, it will reflect into the room, which will be harmful to the health of the owner. It will cause fright, nightmares, etc. in the middle of the night, which will seriously affect people's normal sleep and mental depression after a long time.

5. The electric appliance that can reflect light is not suitable for the bed

The display screen of TV and computer also has the function of reflecting light. It's better not to face the bed. In addition, the TV is a very hot thing. It is placed in the sleeping room, especially like a very hot Fengshui thing. If you watch TV for a long time before going to bed, it will cause brain cells to be hyperactive.