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What happened to Huawei? Huawei incident details

Huawei is also one of the top mobile phone brands in China, also known as "business phone", which is very popular with everyone. But recently Huawei doesn't know what's wrong. Eight countries have repeatedly chased Huawei, and netizens are also excited. What happened to Huawei? Let's have a detailed introduction to the whole Huawei incident.

You may not be very familiar with Huawei's achievements in this field. Huawei in China and even in the world takes the first place in 5g scientific and technological achievements. Although it takes the first place, Huawei's 5g road is very difficult, especially in the overseas market.

In every network era, there must be a standard. In the voting process of 5g standard, Huawei lost to Qualcomm. After this incident, Huawei's road became more and more rough. Then, Australia refused Huawei's 5g construction on the basis of security. Then, Britain wanted to refuse Huawei's construction. Then, the United States and Japan stopped purchasing Huawei's electricity Sub products. It's obviously targeted.

There are similarities between these countries. Of course, the relationship between the UK and Australia is needless to say. When the UK wants to refuse Huawei's 5g construction, the national network has been paralyzed for more than an hour, and the losses to the country are countless. You should know that Ericsson is the backbone of the UK network, while Ericsson and Nokia are the two networks in Europe Giant, monopolizing the industry.

Huawei is still a lot younger than Ericsson and Nokia, but Huawei's strength is not under these two communication companies, especially in the research of 5g network. Huawei has been represented in international conferences on 5g construction, big and small. Huawei is also a leader in 5g technology patents, which are Huawei's advantages. Of course, the price is Huawei The biggest advantage.

There are basically the same reasons for rejecting Huawei's 5g project, that is, in terms of network security, it is obvious that each country does not want to hold this kind of thing in the hands of other countries, and the reasons for rejecting it are basically security issues, which are just the reasons for superficial rejection, and there must be internal reasons, which we do not know.

Huawei has many difficulties on the road of 5g construction. In recent days, China Mobile also announced the price of the first batch of 5g mobile phones. I'm sure many people won't choose. But this has not affected Huawei. If Huawei put 5g network into operation one day earlier, it will benefit us. What do you think about this?