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What are the functions of mute mouse? What's the difference between mute mouse and non mute mouse

When some users use the computer, the movement of the mouse is very large, it is easy to affect the normal work and learning of other people around. The birth of mute mouse solves this problem well. So what's the difference between mute mouse and unmute mouse? What are the products of mute mouse worth recommending? Let's understand next.

What's the difference between mute mouse and unmute mouse

Silent mouse has a sound. The mouse makes a annoying 'click' sound because of the structural design of the shrapnel inside the mouse. When the click action occurs, the shrapnel in contact with each other will make a sound. The principle of silent mouse button is to change the shrapnel design of the traditional sound mouse. When the mouse button is pressed, the infrared is cut off and the information is fed back to the microprogram controller.

This process is completely carried out in silence, and will not produce the 'click' sound of the ordinary mouse, and the mouse button sound disappears from the ear. Infrared induction button action, no sound at all, completely environmental protection design, no reduction in work efficiency, no interference with colleagues, no impact on family, silent voice. In terms of performance, silent mouse has a very high resolution, showing a high degree of accuracy and stability, suitable for office and game.

What are the functions of mute mouse

Mute mouse mute mouse wireless connection distance up to 10 meters, suitable for living room, conference room and other remote operations. Connect the small receiver to the USB port of the computer, and it will react in a second after the mouse battery is installed. There is no need for tedious code matching procedures, and you can enjoy wireless freedom quickly. By changing the single roller to a 4-way roller, the 4-way mouse roller is simplified, more time is saved, and the office efficiency is greatly improved.

Some silent mice have a unique 5-segment power saving mode, which can provide perfect power management. When the USB power is off or the computer is off, the mouse will cut off the power automatically. Plus the power switch at the bottom of the mouse, you can turn off the mouse when it is not in use. In general, 2 AAA alkaline batteries can be used for more than 3 months.