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How to install the camera on the computer? How to connect the camera to the computer

With the gradual popularization of computers, most families and personal computers are now equipped with cameras, which makes it convenient for people to have video and voice chat with their friends. So how to install the camera? Let's learn about it.

How to install the camera: the camera is connected to the computer

In fact, the camera installation is very simple. If it is a USB camera, just connect the camera to the USB interface behind the computer host through the USB cable, and then install the camera driver. If it is a notebook, it is often built-in camera, so you only need to install the driver. To be exact, the installation of the camera is mainly the problem of connecting the camera to the computer and then driving the installation.

There are many ways to install the camera driver. If you have the CD-ROM (which is mainly the driver file of the corresponding camera), you can install the camera directly through the CD-ROM drive. The method is to put the camera disc into the computer CD-ROM drive, then enter my computer, find the CD-ROM drive and enter, and find the camera driver installation and operation file inside.

In addition, if there is no free CD-ROM for purchasing cameras, we can also download the camera driver file of relevant brand and model products by searching the Internet, and then find the camera device that has not been installed in the device manager, then double-click the device to pop up the installation driver interface, and then import the camera driver file according to the prompt. In addition, you can also download some universal drivers to try.

How to install camera: install camera driver

At present, there are many idiotic ways to install the video card, sound card or camera driver for the camera. For example, the familiar software such as Master Lu and driver Genie has the functions of automatic hardware detection and recognition, one click installation and driver. Therefore, for the little white friend, if he meets the driver problem, he should first think of using the driver genie.

The driver wizard is a powerful fool driver installation and driver upgrade software, which is quite simple to use. The method is to search for the driver wizard under Baidu, find the official website to download, and then install it. When it is first opened, it will automatically scan all the hardware of the computer. When it is found that the hardware driver is abnormal, it will prompt for repair. We can download and install the driver automatically by clicking repair, No After these need to be carried out in the networking state, download the corresponding driver files.

How to install the camera: precautions during installation

At present, many USB cameras are driver free, that is to say, the system has its own driver. In addition, some laptops or USB cameras that need to be noticed can't be found when using the driving genie to detect the driver. This situation may be that the camera is too fake or a foreign brand. The driving Genie official website doesn't collect this driver. The solution can only be to find the driver installation through the product model or contact the manufacturer to give the driver.

In fact, the most important part of camera installation is driver installation, which is also the easiest place for novice friends to plant during camera installation. Because there are many camera brands, it is recommended that you try to buy a good brand of camera, so it is easy to find and install the driver. In addition, many new systems have their own camera drivers of some popular brands, so drive free can be achieved Therefore, you can try to install the system above win7, which may also bring great convenience.