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Use these methods to eliminate flatulence

Tummy distention is very uncomfortable and will harm the body. So how should we avoid tummy distention in our daily life? If tummy distention, what should we do? This is some small knowledge in our life that we need to know. How to prevent and solve tummy distention easily and effectively.

First of all, the topic is diet. Eating indigestible food may cause flatulence, such as watermelon in summer, eating an apple a day away from me by a doctor, potatoes, cabbage, peaches, onions, pasta, dairy products, fried food, etc. you should eat bananas and blueberries, radishes, hawthorn, orange, winter melon, celery, etc. to help exhaust When eating, we should eat slowly, not too fast or too much. We should eat slowly, chew more, eat less and eat more. It's also good for digestion.

Lack of exercise can also cause flatulence. It's not healthy to sit and play mobile phones or computers all day long. You should exercise more at ordinary times. When you have flatulence, you can choose the way of less exercise. You can go for a walk with your family and friends to get in touch. Or do housework, sweep the floor and mop the floor.

And the last thing girls like about boys is to drink more hot water, but it's really useful to drink more water. Don't drink soda or carbonated drinks. Drinking more boiled water will help your tummy to swell. It's also good for your body. It can also replenish moisture.

At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to keeping a happy mood. If we are in a low mood, it will not only affect our work and study, but also bring great harm to our body. The mood will affect our eating and digestion.