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How to break Pu'er tea cake? Breaking techniques of Pu'er tea cake

Pu'er tea can be divided into loose tea and pressed tea according to its shape. Generally, the Pu'er tea cake we buy on the market belongs to pressed tea, which is very difficult to break. What should we do when we want to drink tea? Let's learn how to break Pu'er tea cake.

Direct break

Pu'er cake is mostly in the shape of bubble cake. The side without cake pit actually has a certain arc. You can use this spherical arc to remove tea.

1. Choose a flat table, unfold the paper on the paper. Or find a kind of tea plate to put down the whole cake.

2. Both hands are pressed down on both sides of the tea cake, and the body's center of gravity is down. The instant force can break the cake.

Tea knife knocking

1. Insert the tea knife from the side of the tea cake along the edge. The smaller the angle between the knife body and the cake surface is, the more rope is removed.

2. With a little effort, push the tea knife into the tea cake again, so as not to break the tea cake.

3. Push up and pry the tea cake off. 4. In the same way, the gap between the tea leaves is opened layer by layer.

5. At this time, the tea from the sledge is mostly large pieces. Then, tear both hands to both sides, instead of breaking, to maintain the integrity of the cable.