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How about 4G when 5g network comes out? 5g change the mobile phone or SIM card after commercial use

Three major domestic operators announced that they will launch 5g network pilot activities in the national pilot cities next year 2019. What will happen if 5g network comes out 4G? Will 5g be replaced by mobile phone or SIM card after commercial use?

5g network has been experimented for a long time. It was connected to 5g network for the first time in Chongqing. At the first time, the network speed test was conducted on site, and the results showed that 5g network speed exceeded 10Gbps, and the delay was almost zero. Compared with 4G network, it's faster by more than one order of magnitude. It depends on this speed. After that, it's not only the game in seconds, but also the movie in seconds. Even some artificial intelligence can be used.

But don't think it will be ready for use next year. Although operators have announced the pilot of 5g network, we can't use 5g network without base station. Operators need time to build base stations. The current 4G network is naturally unable to meet the 5g network in the future, but the whole domestic environment is so large, some local environment is still very difficult, if there is not enough time, there is no way to complete the base station construction.

Are we going to change the card after that? So far, the operator has no exact information about the need to change the card. When we changed from 2G to 3G or even 4G, the operator would ask you to change the card, but in fact, this is not because the card is not supported, but because the SIM card at that time is not safe, and not changing the card will cause information leakage. But now the SIM card is not the same as the card at that time. Whether it needs to be changed or not is unknown.

But the mobile phone must be changed, but now it doesn't need to be too anxious. Because 5g network is not mature at all. Even if you change your mobile phone now, there is no use without network support. And the 5g mobile phone is still in an experimental stage. Whether the future technology support the 5g mature network at that time is unknown. So if you want to change a 5g mobile phone, you can wait.

The arrival of 5g network really helps us, which does not need to be questioned. Just think about it. There will be no need to wait so long for the mobile phone to surf the Internet. Everything can be done quickly, and the work efficiency must be improved a lot. 5g network is not only used in mobile network, but also in other aspects. I don't know what you think of 5g network. Welcome to the comment area for discussion. Maybe you can further discuss the information about 5g network.