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What's the most suitable dress for girls in 2019 company meeting? Company annual meeting matching de

By the end of the year, the company's units will organize the annual meeting. They usually dress casually. When it comes to the grand occasion, they must dress themselves up in a bright way, so as to deepen the impression of their colleagues. What's the best way for girls to wear in the company?

What kind of clothes are suitable for the annual meeting

Exquisite dress can bring you more attention and let the boss remember you better. Promotion and salary increase will not be a problem. Believe that you also want to stand out from the crowd, let's have a look at all the beautiful dresses.

Queen's aura

Want to wear a queen's style? A capable female elite in the workplace can also be reflected in clothing. The swaying hem may be a good choice. When walking, it looks more powerful. With the design of waist retraction, it can better outline the body shape.

Hepburn small black dress banquet dress

The design of waistband draws a charming curve, and the solid color system looks higher and colder. Shoulder pad design is adopted for the shoulder, the shoulder will appear more three-dimensional, the two-piece design shows charming clavicle, clean lines, very slim, highlighting a sense of unity.

Small black V-neck slim medium length

The neckline is V-shaped, with a folded suit mouth design, just to the length of the elbow, which sets off a longer hand. The skirt belongs to the slim type. The double row buttons are laid on the clothes and matched with the A-shaped hem. It's flexible and full of air.


You can't miss the chance to show with graceful curves. The charming lines will show more feminine and just right elegance. It's very suitable to attend the annual meeting. High waist style, legs to set off longer, showing a good figure.

Wave neck vintage black gold velvet dress

Pear shaped body is the best fit for this long skirt. The design of the bra adds a fashion sense to the clothes, presenting the plump lines. The design of the shoulder is full of careful machine, so that you can show the sexy collarbone, and at the same time, you can decorate the arms more slender.

Lantern Sleeve Chiffon velvet hip skirt

The translucent design of the arm has a subtle sense of flesh, charming and sexy. Waist has a waist design, the overall self-cultivation, outlined a beautiful line, sunning a small buttock. There is a small water drop hole at the neckline, which makes it more gorgeous.

What's the best dress for the annual meeting

Dignified elegance

If you don't know how to choose a dress, the elegant style must be right. Dignified and elegant feeling is very applicable in any large-scale venue. The feeling of lady is scattered between hands and feet. Although it is relatively low-key, it can still hold the whole venue.

Celebrity evening dress party dress elegant long dress

The knitting style is suitable for the conservative and restrained girl. The design of narrow top and wide bottom can show the figure well. The stripe lines form a thin effect visually. With loose and flexible skirt, as well as trumpet sleeves, it moves gracefully.

Gold velvet dress medium length

The material of gold velvet feels very comfortable. It also looks full of advanced feeling. With the lace lines of neckline and hem, the clothes are full of femininity. The split cuffs correspond to the hemline. Some of them show their long legs, charming but elegant.

How to choose the dress for the annual meeting? Have you got the skirt of Xinshui? It's necessary to choose the right one to wear your own style on the formal occasion of the annual meeting. If you have a skirt, take it home.