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What are the prohibited skin care products for pregnant women? Skin care products with these ingredi

When it comes to skin care for pregnant women, we first think of skin care products for pregnant women. In fact, it is not necessary to use skin care products for pregnant women. As long as there are no ingredients forbidden by pregnant women in ordinary skin care products, pregnant women can still use them. What are the ingredients of skin care products forbidden by pregnant women?

Prohibited skin care products for pregnant women

1. Vitamin A and retinol like substances can help the metabolism of cuticle, have good anti-aging and wrinkle removing effects, and are mostly used in some anti-aging products.

Experts suggest expectant mothers should stay away from such substances, and some studies have shown that prenatal use can be harmful to unborn babies. For example, oral administration of isotretinoin for the treatment of acne can cause birth defects. For external use, although there is no evidence to prove that such substances affect pregnant women, it is better to avoid using them.

If your skin care ingredients label contains the following ingredients, it is best to avoid using them:

Differin (adapelene) duvin (ADA, Palin and EDTA gel)

Retin-A, Renova (tretinoin) Tretinoin Cream

Retionic acid,

Retinol retinol; vitamin A

Retinyl linoleate, a-ester, retinol linoleate

Retinyl palmitate

Tazorac and avage (tazarotene) tazarotene, Guanfu a hydrochloride

2. Salicylic acid salicylic acid is a kind of weak acid, which is mainly used in the treatment of acne, but also used in cleaning products and make-up water. Salicylic acid can remove horniness, kill bacteria and diminish inflammation. BHA or β - hydroxy acid is a form of salicylic acid which is used in some external exfoliating glycolic acid to resist aging.

Studies have shown that taking high doses of salicylic acid orally can cause birth defects and other pregnancy complications. Therefore, doctors suggest that pregnant women should avoid using salicylic acid.

So if you see the following ingredients on your skin care products, avoid using them, unless they are low in content and ready to use cleaning products

Salicylic acid

Beta hydroxy acid

BHA butyl hydroxyanisole

3. Plant essential oil is a high-purity plant hormone with strong permeability. There are many kinds of essential oils, many of which are forbidden during pregnancy. If you don't have full assurance and professional aromatherapy instructor, use it with caution.

What are the ingredients of the skin care products forbidden by pregnant women? Polish your eyes and see clearly! Do not let go of any ingredients that are harmful to pregnant women. If you don't have full assurance, don't buy ordinary skin care products. Just use them for pregnant women.