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Where should Jilin rime be seen? When is the best time to visit the scenery

We know that Jilin's rime is best seen. Does Jilin hold rime festival every year, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. There are many photographers who go to Wusong island to take photos. In the world of ice and snow, I feel like I have become a fairy tale man.

1. Songjiang Road - Urban rime viewing zone (urban center)

Location: along both sides of Songhua River, including Songjiang Middle Road, Songjiang West Road, Songjiang East Road and Songjiang North Road. It starts from Jilin bridge in the East and ends at 2.2km section of Linjiangmen bridge in the West.

The wind direction of the Songhua River is different from that of the river bank, so there will be some differences between the parts and sections that form the rime. Walking along the river in the morning, accompanied by the river fog, people in the city feel like walking in a fairyland.

2. Ashha Da country rime viewing zone (11km away from the urban area)

Location: Jilin Fengman ashhada road section.

The frequency of rime is the highest here. The traffic here is more convenient, and the road is deep, forming a corridor. Blue sky, sunshine, fog, rime add up to a very beautiful scene.

3. Beidaihu mountain forest rime viewing belt (53 km away from the city)

Location: Beidahu ski resort, Beidahu Sports Tourism Economic Development Zone, Jilin Province.

This ski resort is close to the city. On the high mountain cableway of beidagu ski resort, you can see the beautiful scenery of snow and song. The most important thing is that you can ski around the rime.

4. Hongshi Lake - rime viewing zone (110km away from the urban area)

Location: HONGSHILAZI Town, Huadian City, Jilin Province.

The water energy resources here are very rich, which can last for a whole winter, so the water temperature of Hongshi Lake in winter is generally 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃. In the cold weather, the fog condenses in the original trees on both sides, you can see the rime.

5. Baishan Lake rime viewing belt (152 km away from the urban area)

Location: Huadian Hongshi National Forest Park.

In winter, the lake's water heating rises, the trees hang beautifully, and the mountains around the lake form a quiet and holy rime landscape.

6. Jiangbin Park - Urban rime viewing zone (urban center)

Location: 500 meters west of Linjiangmen bridge (South Bank of Songhua River), Jilin City.

In winter, the trees here condense into thick rime, weeping willows, pines and grass on the road are also wrapped by rime, which is very beautiful.

In fact, the best place to see rime in winter is in rime island. The scenic spots here are really beautiful, but other places are also very good, but there is no amazing rime island.

When can I see it

From late December to the end of February of the following year, it is the best time to go to Jilin city to watch rime. At most, it appears more than 60 times a year. In Jilin, when the ice was frozen, the grass and trees had basically withered, and all the creatures had lost their vitality, but the rime hanging on the trees would not fall.