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How to taste red wine? How to taste red wine

The main ingredients of red wine are grapes and sugar. If the varieties of grapes and the proportion of grapes and sugar are different, the taste of red wine will be totally different. Therefore, it's skillful to judge the quality of red wine. Today's four seas network will teach you how to taste red wine.

1、 View: the color of wine

First of all, the color of wine should be consistent with the year and grape variety. The color of red wine will be different with different grape varieties. In addition, the older the year, the lighter the color of red wine, from the earliest purplish red to orange yellow. The full score of this module is 5 points. Due to the application of modern technology, the average wine can get 4 points or even 5 points.

We can judge the quality of a wine by its color. The wine with deep color will not be bad in general, while the wine with poor color is definitely not a good wine. In addition, by observing the color of wine, it is the most effective way to judge the year. For example, a red wine with more than 3 years' history is still very bright in color, so there is a problem. In short, remember that the older the year, the darker the color, and the more prominent the yellow tone.

In addition, drop the wine on the paper towel, and judge the true and false wine by observing the diffusion of pigment. Don't use it again later. In addition to exposing your red wine and white identity, it really doesn't have any egg use, but makes others more calm pit you! Think about it, so easy to judge the truth and falsehood, then there won't be so many fake wine!

2、 Smell: the aroma of wine

The aroma of red wine needs to be pure, fragrant and lasting. In this module, Parker sets a full score of 15. Pure aroma means that the aroma of red wine must conform to the characteristics of grape varieties, such as the green flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon in the new world and the gasoline flavor of Riesling. That is to say, this red wine is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, so it must have the fragrance that Cabernet Sauvignon should have, otherwise it is not pure. Blind taste, but also through the aroma, to determine the grape varieties of red wine.

Pure fragrance is only the basic requirement of fragrance. Fragrance (strong and pleasant fragrance) and long-lasting and varied fragrance are necessary for a good wine. For red wine Xiaobai, it is really difficult to remember the special aroma of each grape. How to judge? In fact, it can be simplified. Just remember that no matter what kind of aroma this red wine presents, at least you should have the desire to smell it. The wine with bad taste and pungent smell is either of poor quality or bad.

3、 Product: flavor and aftertaste

After seeing and smelling it, the next step is to drink it. After all, the wine is for drinking. Parker sets a full score of 20 for this module. From the balance of taste, complexity, sense of hierarchy and the length of the aftertaste to evaluate these four dimensions.

Balance refers to the perfect combination of acid, tannin, alcohol and sugar. Taste carefully. You can drink the stimulation of acid, sweetness, astringency and alcohol, but you will not feel a certain taste is particularly prominent, so as to achieve the balance of taste.