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What do you mean by the real fragrance warning? What kind of stem is Zhenxiang

Every year, the Internet and the public will be filled with all kinds of stems and stories created by some gods and people. If you don't understand some of them, you can't say that you're mixed with the earth. And some specific circles, such as B station, have their own obstacles, which is even more challenging. 2018 is just around the corner. Let's see what we know.

1. Real fragrance warning

Zhenxiang warns that this stem actually comes from the metamorphosis. The young man at the beginning said he would rather starve to death than eat, and finally he is slapped. Not only did they have a special fragrance, but also a real fragrance came out, so the real fragrance warning is used to describe those who are tall. As long as the picture shows the scene of eating, the whole screen will be warned by Zhenxiang.

2. I'm not a devil

This stem is from the "Backstreet girl" animation, but also a new stem recently appeared. This is a sentence from the leader of the gang. When he finished this sentence, the person who was kneeling in front of him was thanking him. However, he would send them to Thailand for sex change in the next second. The contrast is not ordinary. Those who seem harmless are the most insidious.

3. Knowledge is power

This stem is from the "magic card girl cherry", because in this animation, only where there is knowledge, cherry will be full of energy. That's why such a new stem appears. Knowing the world is power and knowledge is power, so many people will say it like this.

4. Wait, look carefully!

This Terrier is from "the fifth personality" in station B. everyone who has played this game knows what this Terrier means. This is the stem that a middle two player said recently. When he was playing the game, one of my players was very cool. He said "wait" as soon as he came out of the game. Look carefully. Originally a king, the result is a piece of scrap iron, just came out on the end, so this stem is also the latest way to face.

5. Please say a rainbow color

The color of this rainbow is not as simple as red orange, yellow green, blue and blue violet. In station B, the color of the rainbow can be changed into seven colors: Aunt red, Lily orange, funny yellow, forgive green, ceramic blue, sea blue and fag purple. Although many people have heard of these seven colors, do you know that they come from that place? Especially faggot purple.