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Do you know the top ten wine brands in 2019

Red wine first appeared around 1000 BC. It was very popular in the Mediterranean area at that time. Later, it was gradually known all over the world and became a common alcoholic drink in our lives. In a few days, Xiaobian will come to talk with you about the world's top ten red wine rankings. How many brands do you know?

Top 10 wines in 2018:

1, Lafite

2, Mu Tong

3, pull chart

4, Margo

5. King houber

6, white horse

7. Bertus

8, Bai Fei

9. Pontcanay

10. Liangtzbo

10、 Liangtzbo

Brand introduction: liangtzbo is one of the 61 ranks of French wineries. It was founded in 1691 by John & middot; liangtzu. It is located in an old village called bath. In 1691, it moved to the famous vineyard Bordeaux, where it has become a very famous local wine maker. In 1985, the red wine of liangtzbo winery became a special brand designated by Cathay Pacific.

Market share: 2.5%

Time of establishment: 1855

9、 Pontcanay

Brand introduction: among the top ten wines in 2018, pont carnet was founded by pont carnet in the 18th century. After Pierre Bernard pont took over the formal formation of the winery, it established a good management system for the winery and began to make wine. In 1865, the winery gradually became famous and became a famous local winery family.

Market share: 2.6%

Time of establishment: 18th century

Eight, Bai Fei

Brand introduction: boffin winery has a very long history. It can be traced back to the 4th century AD. at that time, Saint emmerion was only a vineyard and did not formally start to make wine. After 1885, the vineyard was rearranged, and its wine making career began, and it became a famous local winery.

Market share: 2.6%

Time of establishment: 1885

7、 Bertus

Brand introduction: Bertus is one of the most famous wineries in Baume Hou area, also known as pocket winery. It covers an area of only about 12 hectares, but its red wine quality is quite high, no less than the first-class winery. In 1925, the winery was purchased by Edmund & middot; Roba, which started its most brilliant journey.

Market share: 3.1%

Time of establishment: 19th century

Six, white horse

Brand introduction: among the top ten wine brands in 2018, Baima is a French listed winery and A-Series winery, known as "one of the eight famous wineries". It has a high reputation in the world and is one of the most representative wine brands in France. Baima winery was formally born in 1832, when the vineyard area was only about 15 hectares, and now it has been expanded to nearly 40 hectares.

Market share: 3.2%

Time of establishment: 1832

5、 King houber

Introduction to the brand: houber king is located in pesack leoren, France. It is the only one of the 61 tier containers that is not in the Medoc area. It is an independent winery divided by Graff in 1987. It belongs to red and white two kinds of double habitat winery. Now it belongs to cranstein dragon winery, and it is also the most famous winery.

Market share: 4.3%

Time of establishment: 1987

Four, Margo

Brand introduction: Margo is located in Bordeaux, a famous French wine product. In 1885, it was officially listed as the first-class winery, known as "one of the five wineries" in France. The winery has been established for hundreds of years. Under the takeover of many families, it has gradually become a world-famous red wine brand.

Market share: 4%

Time of establishment: 12th century

Three, pull chart

Brand introduction: among the top ten wine brands in 2018, Latour is regarded as the most expensive winery in the world, and it is also the most representative wine brand in France. According to the relevant documents, the name of Latu existed as early as the 14th century, but it was not a winery at that time. It was not until the 16th century that the grape trees were planted and wine was made here.

Market share: 6.8%

Time of establishment: 16th century

Two, Mu Tong

Brand introduction: Mutong winery is one of the most representative wineries in France. It was founded by Joseph in 1720. At that time, it bought the territory, reclaimed it and planted a large vineyard. In 1830, the winery was sold to Baron Nathaniel. Under his management, the winery became famous in the Medoc area.

Market share: 9%

Time of establishment: 1720

1. Lafite

Brand introduction: Lafite is known as France's' national treasure level red wine 'brand, which has been established for nearly 800 years. At that time, it was only a monastery, until after the chateau was taken over by the segur family in the 15th century, they spent several years planting vineyards, became the major figure in the brewing industry at that time, and made Lafite famous all over the world.

Market share: 15.8%

Time of establishment: 1234