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Who is the girl who tiktok in the song? Profile of Guo yunning

Recently, some poems have been adapted to tiktok. Have you heard all the songs of Pipa? Let's look at the pictures of girls on the songs of the voice of pipa. What's the personal data of Guo Yunning?

Tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, is there a girl in the video? It's really beautiful. Today, Xiaobian is going to introduce the picture of the girl who is singing on the pipa line.

Tiktok: who is the picture of the girl on the song?

In the video, there is such a text as "I can't forget the words of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and Mrs. Lu. I can't stop him from running to a better person than me.". 'the girl in the picture is called' Guo yunning '. Everyone who knows her well knows that she is a model and a game original designer. The picture in the picture is a portrait of her Republic style. Guo yunning is not only good-looking, but also very talented. Let's have a look at her personal information.

Guo yunning's personal data sharing:

Guo yunning, character yunning, original painting designer of Manchu game, graphic model. People from Beijing. Her grandfather is the cousin of the famous contemporary Chinese calligrapher Qigong, aixinjuelu & middot; Qiyuan, so when she grew up under the influence of art, she had a strong interest in calligraphy and painting since childhood. Two collections of personal works were published in high school. With the popularization of computer, CG art has gradually come into contact. Its painting style is delicate, soft and full of romantic fantasy. Guo yunning also has a pretty and lovely face. Sweet delicate facial features, graceful devil's figure, graceful and gentle temperament make her have a high popularity in the Internet.