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What's the meaning of 2018 Internet neologism gangjing? 2018 net new words bar bound theorem

2018 is coming to an end. In the past year, in addition to a lot of hot words on the Internet, we can see from the new words on the Internet that there are quite a lot of talented netizens. Most of the time, we watch microblogs for comments. So what's the meaning of 2018 Internet neologism gangjing? 2018 net new word bar bound theorem.

Piggy's tattoo

Applause for social people

The famous little pig with pink hair dryer has become the spokesperson of the society. The contrast is really a little big. The tiktok was first uploaded from the fast hand, and later Kwai Chung was popular in the Internet. There is also a folk song "a piglet with a piglet," and a pig piggy tattoo.

Confirmed eyes

Confirming your eyes make complaints about the universal Tucao God. It has inherited the spirit of God turning in the Internet age, and then you have to make complaints about it.

This sentence first appeared in Lin Junjie's "drunk Red Cliff" in 2008. I met the right person.

I'm afraid that Lin Junjie himself would not have thought that his lyrics would be popular on the Internet ten years later.

Coca Cola

It is said that happy water in feizhai is Coca Cola. The reason is that coke has high sugar content and tastes good. Two bottles of happy water a day make life like a living immortal~

The word first appeared in March 2018. The first reason why it became popular was a message posted by Weibo netizen @ brother Dachen: why not drink coke since you are fat to drink water. Some netizens commented that coke is happy water for fat house, happy and happy.

Leather, I'm very happy.

Here "Pi" means mischievous. In a complete way, "Pi" means "are you happy? Someone make complaints about Tucao. This sentence originated from dialect and became popular in game interpretation. Later, its scope gradually expanded to become a network catchword.

Universal bar rule

Bar boundary theorem, refers to the bar elite as long as they want to bar, there is no angle they can't harbor.

Universal bar law -- Example 1

A: Just Balabala ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Gang Jingyi: what does he laugh at?

Jing2: I don't know where the smile is.

Jing3: I'm the only one who doesn't think it's funny?

Gang Jing 4: I don't think it's funny, and I don't know what kind of mentality the person who laughs is.


On June 26, 2017, two Chinese standard EMUs' Fuxing 'with full intellectual property rights were officially put into operation. Fuxing test speed can reach 400 kilometers per hour or above. Compared with harmony, Fuxing has a longer design life and more complete facilities. However, netizens always have big holes in their brains. As a member of the old family, harmony has also been teased.