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Where's dad? 5 premiere time. Where's dad? Who's the guest of the fifth season

Where's dad? 5 premiere time. Where's dad? Who's the guest of the fifth season "where dad goes" has been broadcast for four seasons unconsciously. Although mango has changed from TV variety show to online comprehensive show, its popularity has not decreased. Recently, the "where dad goes 5" plays the Pilot Trailer. Let's see the list of guests in "where dad goes 5"!

The fifth season of the parent-child outdoor reality show "where is Dad going" which is broadcast by Youku alone will be launched at 12 o'clock today. Youku's official microblog has revealed the program's guest lineup yesterday, and launched the program's official promotional film, breaking the previous suspension rumors. The TV version of "where's dad going" is off air, and will be completely transferred to webmaster. The fifth season will be updated on Thursday every week.

This season's "where's the father" guest lineup is composed of Chen Xiaochun, his son Jasper, Wu Zun, his daughter nei, his son Max, Liu Fuhong, his daughter puff, Du Jiang and his son hum, as well as five pairs of cute daddies, i.e. the internship father Deng Lun and his daughter Xiaoshan Zhu. Max, Wu Zun's son, was first exposed. Many netizens were thrilled when they saw the Reuters program gags: "sure enough, the gene is strong, the little guy and his sister Nei Nei are very similar, and there are little tiger teeth when they laugh.".

In addition to the official exposure of the guest lineup, Chen Xiaochun and his sons Jasper, Du Jiang and his son hum's promotional films have also been launched on the Youku platform. In the promotional film, Chen Xiaochun recalls the story of the snail in the exclusive memory of the two people, and educates his son to "walk slowly in the road of life". While Du Jiang, the big eyed father, was accompanying his son, teaching him the truth of life and learning from his son's heart.